Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm alive, really...

So, it's been a bit silent here, sorry!

I was unabashedly concentrating on the paid blog while on vaykay, even though that meant posting some content that would have been more appropriate here. After all, I am trying to keep that other blog a more detached/professional one, while this one continues to be my personal and mixed bag one.

So in case you missed out, please check out a malaysian abroad for posts on
1. my mega spice shopping trip
2. my mega chocolate shopping trip
3. my snot-nosed niece

Another reason for the silence is the fact that I've had to battle whatever germs that snot-nosed niece gave me! I had staved it off with some Panadol during the Switzerland-Chicago flights, but with the screwed up jet-lag and the subsequent mega-crappy weather (rain rain rain rain rain - at least no floods where I'm at!), I was laid low for a few days.

I'm relatively better now.

Will share some food experiments and the start of a new exercise regime in the next posts. Stay tuned!

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