Monday, March 16, 2009

Blogrolling Schmogrolling!

so, what is up with

For the longest time, we couldn't login, they said they were upgrading things; I heard elsewhere they had been hacked, which is what prompted the freeze and upgrade.

Then we could login and add new links, but couldn't delete any.

And now?? Now they have friggin ads!! At least the target="_blank" function is working again... but I'd REALLY like to have the links in alphabetical order please?!

... oh, and how do you like the new look? I'm still missing a good header, and need to figure out exactly what goes where... This template can be expanded into 8 columns, I probably don't need them all though, LoL! Anything specific you'd like to see in my sidebars/footers? Drop me a line!

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  1. I like it lots, lots of room for gadgets in the sidebar. It seems like you have so much room.

    I used to have more stuff on my blog, but it seems so crowded now. I think most WordPress themes force me to use more whitespace; although whitespace should make it seem less crowded. (Maybe it's just my posts that seem crowded).

  2. hi i like your page, want to exchange link with me? message me if you want.. thanks


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