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#1005: 15 of 2008

Continuing the 10% selection of past Life After Work posts in conjunction achieving more than a millennium of posts, today please read on to explore fifteen random-ish posts from 2008. Enjoy!

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Post #811: Mindblock [January 7th, 2008]
Where I share one of my favourite scenes from Family Guy.

Post #821: A ratty new year [February 7th, 2008]
Wishes for a happy & prosperous Chinese New Year.

Post #831: beaten at my own game??!! [March 21st, 2008]
The Boggle queen is dethroned?!

Post #841: 2 am [April 12th, 2008]
A late night (or early morning, depending how you look at it) meandering post about what books to read next.

Post #851: "creamy" [May 7th, 2008]
At last, a pottery post!! This was about my first experience throwing porcelain.

Post #861: a tongue tale [May 30th, 2008]
My experience with an extremely aromatic person (no, I don't think it was our Mr Stinky!)

Post #872: ori & spoof reviews [June 25th, 2008]
where I review two sets of original vs spoof movies, and find myself all CGI'd out.

Post #881: *more* piles of pot ... [July 27th, 2008]
Where I show off more of my pottery products...

Post #886: ... mashed potato pizza, or how I can now create a new blogroll ... [August 10th, 2008]
Where Kosh and I break out of our shells and (kinda) interact with other Chicago bloggers during our first-ever Davecago!

Post #892: ... of hurty fingers, magic and avatar choices ... [August 22nd, 2008]
Wow, hard to believe the avatar I adopted was created less than a year ago! I offer two to choose from, plus a bit of whining about how my birthday was marked.

Post #901: ... has marriage made me more of a geek? [September 8th, 2008]
Where I compare results of a quiz taken two years apart, and discuss the differences.

Post #911: catching up! [October 3rd, 2008]
Where I talk a bit about my allergies, and paperwork blues.

Post #920: Book Review: The Sword-Edged Blonde [October 26th, 2008]
One of my many book review posts. But this one book is special. Or, the author is, anyway. He dropped me a comment, and later also emailed me thanking me for reading and reviewing his book. I had quite the geek-out moment, twice! :)

Post #931: Foody Friday: mega-pumpkin bread!
[December 5th, 2008]
Where I share my great pumpkin bread experiment :) It was even more delicious than the photo implies!

Post #941: humped and tongued on Christmas! [December 26th, 2008]
On Christmas, I got humped and (in a separate incident) accidentally bit my tongue, but all that was forgotten with the discovery of boymongoose's Indian-themed spoofs of The Twelve Days Of Christmas and Jingle Bells. Click on through to watch/listen, it's totally worth it, I assure you :)

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The next post should wrap up this review of Life After Work's past posts.. stay tuned!

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