Monday, June 01, 2009

#1003: Life After Work: posts from the end of singledom!

Continuing the 10% sample of past Life after Work posts: featured this time around are the final posts written by me as a single woman! Read on...

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Post #493: Slow Sunday [May 7th, 2006]
A quick recap of a relatively uneventful and -- slow -- Sunday.

Post #503: Particularly nasty weather... [May 12th, 2006]
... where I talk about a particularly nasty storm that ripped through KL.

Post #513: Thought for the Day [May 18th, 2006]
A thought-provoking Tim Robbins quote.

Post #523: oh boy did it rain yesterday! [May 26th, 2006]
.. where I describe a pretty productive day that ended with my getting soaked to the bone in an extremely heavy downpour.

Post #532: a tragedy strikes (for the FIFTH time??!!) [June 1st, 2006]
A rant about yet another landslide, and yet another politician talking bull about blame. What's even sadder is reading this post three years later and knowing that nothing has changed...

Post #542: i suppose i was an early bird... [June 17th, 2006]
... where I share the photo of the eleven of us who met up for what turned out to be the first of many reunions of fellow St Marians :)

Post #552: 2006 books (Part 1) [June 30th, 2006]
This was the first time I'd actually kept track of books I'd read: in the first 6 months of 2006, I'd already gone through just under 50 books!

Post #562: audience participation required, part deux [July 15th, 2007]
This was a pretty different type of meme requiring audience participation (hence the title..!). Maybe I should resurrect it? :)

Post #572: Long overdue! audience participation and aura [August 1st, 2006]
LoL! Ten posts later it's another installment of the audience participation meme, and I recap my visit to an aura reader.

Post #582: Movie Revue [August 12th, 2006]
... where I review a few movies, and jump through a few connections to Dexter!

Post #592: ... to quiet the mind ... [August 21st, 2006]
... where I meditate upon my meditation experiences...

Post #602: Rain rain go awayyyyyy! [August 29th, 2006]
... a date with a personal shopper, and trying to identify celebrities from their high school yearbook photos...

Post #612: Maybe Lorena Bobbit works for a mamak shop? and other rambling thoughts [September 7th, 2006]
An all-in-one post covering t-sheets, the pee-less cat, torpedo soup and exercise, or lack thereof.

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so, did my writing style, focus and content change upon getting married? Find out for yourself tomorrow! :)

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