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#1002: Life after Work -- 13 posts from Feb - April 2006

We're just about halfway through our 10% recap of Life After Work in celebration of its first millennium of posts!

Today we look at the first two of what turned out to be six long months I was back in Malaysia, away from Kosh. Gotta love paperwork!! A lot of my posts during these six months were filled with mundane minutiae for Kosh to know what was going on with me without us having to try to catch each other via Yahoo Messenger with 13/14-hour difference to play with. Ah, fun times!

= = =

Post #352: Some images from my past... [February 26th, 2006]
Back in Malaysia, and having to move "my room" from my parents' old apartment to the new one... and so I documented some memories before discarding them...

Post #362: Yesterday & Today [March 4th, 2006]
A navel-gazing post on mundane minutiae (plenty of those!)

Post #372: Concatenating randomly-generated words [March 7th, 2006]
... I forgot I had taken a stab or two at "creative writing" on this blog: here I string together random words into a mildly amusing dialogue...

Post #382: Star*ucks Sunday! [March 12th, 2006]
More navel-gazing, but from a Starbucks, and I whine about how much it doesn't compare to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Post #392: Dis and Dat [March 17th, 2006]
Some random observations, including using the wifi from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and being recognised by the staff from another branch, LoL!

Post #402: my brushes with fate [March 20th, 2006]
... where I discuss the various vehicle-related incidents I've been involved in... and one major one I thankfully didn't witness - a girl getting run over by a bus just outside my high school...

Post #412: it's amazing how a SMALL thing... [March 23rd, 2006]
A teeny tiny thingy broke off my phone, rendering it practically useless to me. The start of my P800 problems.

Post #422: do you need a marijuana prostitute immediately? [March 28th, 2006]
LMAO I remember taking a photo of this sign in Yow Chuan Plaza (Plaza Ampang), I wonder if it's worth submitting to that engrish site?

Post #433: a self-tag :D [April 3rd, 2006]
... where I participate in a meme which asks random questions like color of underwear currently being worn, do you have a mental disease, and did you dream last night. Powerful stuff!

Post #443: 100s of stuff :-) [April 7th, 2006]
In the "look what I found..." category: a small collection of random discoveries on the 'net.

Post #453: What, me? Normal? [April 11th, 2006]
... where I make some scathing observations about the HR dept of my former place of employment, then move on to some on-air boo-boos: would you think of salt or talcum powder then you're given a hint of something white that your husband might sprinkle on his eggs?

Post #463: I'm front! [April 15th, 2006]
Fresh after participating in the Lost Blogs thingy, I catch up with some "look what I found..." links on the 'net.

Post #473: Sunday’s deep thoughts [April 22nd, 2006]
... a tmi post about bowel movements and grey hair!

Post #483: You sure it's Ethanol and not Methanol in there? [April 29th, 2006]
... where I speculate on the quality of some mega cheap booze I saw on the shelves of a local supermarket.

= = =

I sure hope that veteran and new readers alike are taking the time to explore some of the links above... there are some gems hidden among the fluff, I assure you! :D

"Normal" programming will recommence once we're done with this recap... another two or three posts' worth, I think... hang in there!! :D

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