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#994: Review of books read in April 2009

My tally for last month's reads is atrociously low:


Only two!!! Why? How did this happen??!! Because of "The Ghost in Love". Ugh. The Ghost in Love: A Novel I read one chapter, set it down, and didn't pick it up for a week. Then did another chapter, set it down again, and again left it to gather dust.

Seriously, though. The idea is good. Something is happening: people who are supposed to die are NOT dying, thus throwing the folk in charge of the afterlife into disarray. Thing is, the "normal" system that the author has envisioned is already kinda weird, with a ghost that comes in to finish up your unfinished business once you die and go to wherever it is you go in that version of the afterlife. Then add to that the disarray. I wondered if this would have been better presented as a cartoon, and watched while under the influence of LSD. Yeah, that weird. It just didn't hook me.

Strangely enough, reading the other reviews on GoodReads, so many people are totally gushing over Mr Carroll and his work in general, and The Ghost in Love gets a lot of praise too. Hmmmm. I might give this guy one more chance.

Someday. No rush!

... So after I was finally done with that (took about a month!!), I could move on to other things... like:

Body Surfing: A Novel Body Surfing. Another book with an interesting, different, unique premise. I think I'm a prude, though, because I didn't quite appreciate how sex and orgasms were so vital to the whole thing :p (I finished this in the wee hours of May 2nd, so it doesn't count toward the April tally, though!)

... and ...

Bazi The Destiny Code Revealed - Delve Deeper into the Four Pillars of DestinyJoey Yap's Bazi The Destiny Code Revealed - Delve Deeper into the Four Pillars of Destiny. Yeah, research for my side project. I'm dabbling a little in this method of Chinese luck forecasting, or destiny analysis.

I found this book to be more detailed, more systematic, more readable, and ultimately more easily understood than the similar work by Lillian Too. Reading it once is of course not enough, I'll continue to be flipping back to it while I figure out how to frikkin interpret the charts :p

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