Wednesday, April 29, 2009

#993: a smoking jacket with a difference!

My mind went off on a tangent recently, sending me down memory lane thinking of the "Smoker" I would attend just about every semester of college down at U of I: my first was as a wide-eyed potential pledge to the Zeta chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma, the rest as a worldly member checking out the potential pledges, LoL!

Why call it a smoker?? Turns out it's an anachronistic term that was all the vogue way back when, from a time when membership was all male, and it was all the trend for such gentlemen to get together and smoke their pipes and cigars while wearing their smoking jackets (more like bathrobes, IMO) -- that's how they socialised.

Glad we've come a long way since then!

I found a nifty update to the smoking jacket concept by a Fiona Carswell:

"This Smoking Jacket has a built-in pair of lungs on the front. As the wearer smokes, the lungs fill up with the exhaled cigarette smoke and begin to gradually darken over time."

Neato! Please make sure to check out Fiona Carswell and her various projects: the mind that spawned this smoking jacket also has produced the malignant mole bikini, blurry eyeglass tray and co-dependent warming gloves, and more!

Happy hump day, y'all!

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  1. Oh, as much as I'm tempted by that smoking jacket, I'd have to go with the malignant mole bikini. That is just soooo me! Yeah. :)

  2. that's funny, but i always thought you were more a fan of bowling shoes. smoking jackets are nice, but i much prefer gum-chewing shorts. any other fashion accessories worth noting? anyone have any hula-hooping t-shirts?

  3. I must admit, I have a great smoking jacket that my wife bought me years ago for Christmas. For some unknown reason, it has been one of the most popular blog posts I've put up.

    Now, I don't smoke in it, and I've never been to a smoker, but I really enjoy it for chances to dress up whimsically.

  4. In my opinion, smokers should be required to wear this jacket. We might have even fewer smokers!


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