Saturday, April 18, 2009

#987: Purple

This week's theme is PURPLE.

Easy - my yoga mat!

Together with the powder blue one, Kosh and I workout -- less often than we would like -- sometimes to Jillian Michaels, sometimes our own full body limber&stretch routine.

It's been a few days since we last took them off their perch on top of the CD rack, tho ...

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  1. Aloha!!
    Nice:) shot!

    Got my purple posted too! at Hope you stop by:)


  2. Need to roll out that mat! And I should heed my words.

  3. what a unique take! one of the best so far..

  4. How unique, and nicely textured... for the photo theme this week. I really like it.

    Mine is posted now...if you can, come on over to say howdy!!! Happy Saturday to you.

  5. Good pick of this week's theme.

    (I stopped in from PhotoHunt)

  6. That's a brilliant choice for the theme, I thought about buying a mat, but know I'd never use it and it'd be put out of sight gathering dust!

  7. My mat is purple too. I didn't think of that but my purple is up this morning. Happy weekend.

  8. That's a great choice for this week's theme! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Nice and purple!

    I did purple, too. I hope you have time to see!

  10. Nice choice for this week, mine's up too.

  11. You actually found something purple that wasn't a flower or a toy or a photoshopped landscape. I do yoga, but don't have a mat. Great entry.

  12. Nice choice. Here's mine

  13. What a great picture for this weeks theme.

    Have a great weekend!

    Mine's up...come on over.


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