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How I have ended up with WAY too many blogs to keep track of, and why things are going to change around here... (#990)

Back in 2004, when i first started blogging, I had no idea how to find other blogs to read if not to hit the "next blog" button at the top left of the blogger navbar.

Then I signed up with Little Neo, a blog directory/exchange thingy by the owner of NeoWorx - you know, the one with the scrolling list of visitors by country? So that worked for a long time; met people like Moxie, Monsoon and Omni; SG and Ron Allan by exploring another blogger's blogrolls; ended up loading up my blogroll. I ended up nixing NeoWorx though - they were having loads (haha) of problems with their widget - because if it, nothing else on my page was loading. So off it went.

In 2006 I participated in the Lost Blogs grassroots marketing campaign, and have continued to follow many of the people I met during this exercise. I also visited many people who left witty comments on these blogs, and thus my blogroll continued to expand...

Then last year I joined the Entrecard community and boy oh boy did I find a whole bunch of new blogs to read!! Sure, I had a lot of forgettable ones that dropped by that I felt obligated to drop back on, but still, barring those, I have found a whole bunch of new blogs I enjoy reading. For the longest time, was down so I couldn't add any sites, and now that they are up I don't like their new interface and feel, so I have not added any sites, otherwise I think you'll see a blogroll that's perhaps double what you see now!

Then I joined, figuring I might as well get a little $$ back for blogging, without whoring myself out to PayPerPost, and without being responsible for the ads that would appear on the site. Through that community I have also found many thoroughly enjoyable blogs about a whole variety of topics. Putting on my "expat" hat, I have also fostered ties with many bloggers that would otherwise have been lost in the sea of blogs.

There was also a lot of overlap of EC and, and it was good.

Then came Entrecard's decision to all of a sudden to impose paid ads to run on our widgets. Then came's banning of Entrecard. Then they allowed EC but wouldn't pay for traffic from EC. Then EC's credit-buyback looked like it was going to be skewed towards power droppers, and those who didn't accept those paid ads could forget ever getting $$ back for their credits. Then EC changed its forums and people must apply in order to be allowed into the forums, probably because of a lot of disgruntlement over all these changes. Then back at, almost everyone was demoted from Pay-Per-Post to being paid just for traffic. Thing is, what counts as traffic, and the pay rate, has been unclear for ages. This set a whole bunch of bloggers up in arms, voicing their dissatisfaction in forums and of course on their blogs. Then came the culling of the squeaky wheels, the deletion of offending posts, and what essentially amounts to the firing of said dissatisfied bloggers; unfortunately some who had expressed unhappiness but hadn't decided one way or another were also culled. Thus was born the group of Today Exiles, a vocal community now actively dissuading anyone from joining or advertising with

... and I'm standing back watching all this happen, and I wonder, is it all worth it?

For Entrecard: nope. I have finally decided. I will be pulling out of EC. All three blogs. I have obligations in terms of 4000 credits of "sponsorship" of blog contests - I will make sure I fulfill these first before I leave. So PinayJade, loutianren, and Lola, keep an eye out for emails about this, k? In the meantime, I advertising like crazy, just to get rid of the bulk of my EC credits, screw the credit buyback program.

For unlike others, I am not up in arms about the recent happenings. Perhaps it's because I am blessed/cursed with the ability to see both sides to a story, and understand what is happening, and why. Perhaps it's because I'm not as invested in my blogs (yes, plural) as others were - I noticed that many of the disaffected were first-time bloggers, I think that makes a big difference. Don't get me wrong, I'm not siding with one group or the other. But for the moment I will be continuing with I just may not put as much attention on my blogs there - not being paid per post, I don't see why I should slave over getting one post out every day. Working on traffic, then I just need to make sure I up my knowledge in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so that my posts turn up on front page of searches. Try "Paht Chee" ... or "Malaysia movies"... (without the quotes, even): I'm already there. Yay!

... I'll be posting a little bit more later about how I plan to divide my time/attention among my blogs. My writing persona has suffered tremendously, her creative outlet overlooked and set aside way too often for way too long. She needs time to herself, and fore herself, too.

My apologies for the long, ranting, and ultimately interesting only to me probably, post. Better posts coming next week.

I hope!


... oh, and all those blogs in my blogroll? The ones I threatened to add to Google Reader? I am seriously thinking about culling them all, and starting from scratch. Okay perhaps that's too drastic. I'll think of something. But I will be making some changes around here. I will. I will, I will, I will!!


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  1. I hear ya. I was just beginning to do well on Today when the whole EC Today began to unravel. Never got to the pay per post, as that was changing right about the time I joined. I dislike the pay system on EC, and so am not accepting any paid ads there. Deleted my EC widget on the Today blog and started one on my little Travel Blog. I've not been devoted as much time to the Today Blog of late. Not having time to do both, still trying to decide which one makes the most sense.

    Am so behind on the Today mess that I've not been to the forums there (though at least unlike EC everyone who belongs belongs and there is no elite group who can read and participate in the discussions),so wasn't aware there were more changings and more unhappiness on Today. Both groups seem to have gone hill since I joined. Sadly, I think I missed the best of both worlds. I hit Today just when they stop allowing variety in the banners and since then one change after another has happened.

    In the process of deleting one of my blogs, cause I just don't have the time. Got your email on the Travel thing and am interested. Will be getting my thinking cap on and getting back to you.

    Have a great wkend

  2. I read every word of your ramble with joy!! I too got caught up (and bogged down) in the whole EC/today mess. I'm keeping EC at Thorne's World, and accepting paid ads from other bloggers who also drop. Seems like a reasonable compromise for the traffic.
    As for today, I'm afraid I've decided to let it go. My bad, entirely. I failed to thoroughly and carefully read the TOS, and hadn't realized that I was giving them full and exclusive rights to my content. I'd rather put good content at my main blog. As for blogrolling, I'm looking for a drop down widget for my various blogrolls, and am thinking about categorizing them a bit better. I don't want to "cull" my rolls, because if I've blogrolled someone it's because I think they are interesting reads. Still, I feel that bloggers who are generous with blogrolling me back deserve better exposure, so I'll be trying to impliment that.

  3. I am currently a today blogger (until I get my next payout at least) which is why I'm commenting anonymously.

    Lynne, I really hope today doesn't lock you out of your blogs for this post. Seriously. Other bloggers were locked out for much much more innocent posts -- such as, "I'll not be posting as often."

    If you haven't found this blog already, you may be interested in reading it.

    As for EC, I am really unhappy with some of the recent changes - especially the forum changes. I haven't removed my EC widget yet, and probably won't until I've had it on my new blog for awhile, perhaps a month or so. Hopefully that will be enough time for people who read my today blogs to find my new ones and change their favorites and or links.

  4. Lynne, I think Today Sucks for not paying me after all the traffic I brought them. they didn't even pay me for my posts or my referrals. screw them. entrecard is another kettle of rotting fish that I'm slowly backing away from.

    it screwed up my listener base on my main blog for the radiostation cause I let them have control and removed the auto listen widget which is basically a feature of ALL RADIOSTATIONS.

    How Stupid was I; anyway, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, expect I will meet you at the crossroads. yeah I'm that girl.

    I know you are getting ou, and BadGalsRadio is getting out on May 1. our other blogs will be staying in. please make sure to subscribe and stop by for some Good Ear;

    We Promise never to Compromise on Quality Again.

    Thanks for the drop and comment,


  5. I think I am getting out of control too. I also have way too many has become an addiction;)! I need to stop!!!


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