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#1000: Life after Work -- 10% recap of Oct 2004-Sept 2005

This is my 1000th post on this blog 4.5-year-old blog.


Over the next few days, I'll be featuring every 10th post or so that I've churned out here at Life After Work, from #1 all the way to #991. For those who have been with me from the beginning, I hope you'll enjoy this little trip down memory lane with me; for those who have joined me more recently, here's your chance to dive into some my older posts without wading through page after page after page of archives - there are some gems awaiting you!

Comments are still open - hint hint! :D


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Post #1: ... the (threat of a) pen is mightier than ... ? [October 4th, 2004]
Back in October 2004, getting ready to up and leave everything in Malaysia to see if the connection between Kosh and myself was going anywhere, I ran into frustrations at the Income tax office.

Post #11: … the idiot box rules o.k. ! [November 5th, 2004]
A few weeks into my time with Kosh and I'm already zoning out to all the tv -- what else to do? Totally burned out wrt work, and since I was there on a tourist visa I couldn't work anyway. So I watched tv and tortured the cat. Here I list some of the shows I was watching at that time.

Post #21: in and out... of touch [January 10th, 2005]
Three months into my "retirement", my thoughts drift to those I left behind… schoolmates, colleagues, friends: or those I *thought* were friends…

Post #31: Noritta Samsudin: Case closed? WTF? [January 31st, 2005]
Here I try to wrap my head around an improbable statement by a police chief about a murder investigation, its failed prosecution, and subsequent closure of the case.

Post #41: yes, i'm alive... and I need your feedback please! [March 23rd, 2005]
Here my thoughts are slowly turning to what I can move on to: yes, some healing from the trauma of work has actually happened!

Post #51: Aduuuuuuh, my feet hurt!!!! [April 12th, 2005]
Here I describe my pretty productive day, including my first ever reflexology session.

Post #61: SHORTCHANGED: They tried to pull a fast one on me!! [April 30th, 2005]
Ah yes... the whole "lawyers are pigs" saga... my blood still boils even after four years... I'll know better next time...

Post #71: ... a temporary solution ... [May 8th, 2005]
A continuation of the "lawyers are pigs" saga ...

Post #81: ... a medieval future [June 29th, 2005]
Where I discuss the works of Robert Jordan, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, Isobelle Carmody; Stephen King; specifically their work that involves tales of a ‘medieval future’ of sorts.

Post #91: ENT Part 2: of stones and blues [July 12th, 2005]
I took a trip down memory lane, sharing my not-so-pleasant experience getting a stone in my salivary duct taken out. Funny thing is, some readers thought it was happening to me then and there. Part One starts with "Back in the late 90’s, ..." *rolls eyes*

Post #101: From "flesh&blood" to "metaphysical meteors"? [August 1st, 2005]Gods of the New Millennium : Scientific Proof of Flesh & Blood Gods
Here you get a glimpse of my not-so-conventional thinking. I blog about how much I enjoyed an Ancient Astronaut author, and how surprised I was to find out that he had done an about turn, from flesh and blood aliens to metaphysical meteors. Yikes!

Post #111: A hazy shade of Malaysia! [August 10th, 2005]
From the haze-free environment of Urbana, I sympathise with Malaysians suffering through a particularly nasty round of haze.

Post #121: ... of doors and mates? [August 19th, 2005]
One of my many "fluff" posts, where I talk about a blog about doors, and discuss a movement to ban the use of "Mate" in Australia.

Post #132: Malaysian Miscellany [September 1st, 2005]
Where I ramble briefly about some things Malaysian, what with it being Merdeka and all...

Post #142: a quick catching up! (Part 2) [September 13th, 2005]
Where I give a detailed accounting of our trip to Cleveland, with a surprise announcement right at the end!

Post #152: somewhere at the end of the rainbow... [September 20th, 2005]
Ah yes, one of my favourite, most colorful, posts! And it was all a set-up for the photo at the end!! You ~have~ to check it out!!

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  1. Congratulations on your 1000th post! Cheers to many many more. :)

  2. 1000? Holy crap, girl! Go outside and get some sunlight! ;-)

    Seriously, though... congrats! 1K is huge.

  3. 1000th post. Wow. Congrats. Looking forward to more posts from you.

  4. 1000 posts ... *pshaw!* i could do that in my sleep ... especially if i broke up my posts to about 1 line each instead of their usual ramblings. (not to say your posts are short - nevermind, i'll quit while my foot isn't too far down my throat.)

    i like kapgar's suggestion about sunlight - would be nice if we lost this crappy weather in chicago!!! and hey, maybe i'll have a chance to see if your skin is all sparkly.... :-P

  5. Congratulations on your 1000th post! That's quite an's to the next thousand!!


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