Wednesday, May 20, 2009

#999: The Sims Serendipity

So last week, I came across this hilarious conversation between a Video Game Store clerk and a customer:

    Customer: “How do you change the language setting on The Sims?”

    Me: “Well, I’d imagine there’s something in the game’s options. What did you need to set it to?”

    Customer: “English.”

    Me: “Funny, I’d think that would be the default.”

    Customer: “But I can’t understand them!”

    Me: “Wait, you mean the Sims themselves?”

    Customer: “Yes! They’re speaking French!”

    Me: “No, they’re speaking Simlish. It’s a gibberish language.”

    Customer: “Oh. Well, it sounds like French!”

And today/last night (again, it's past midnight but I ain't sleeping yet, so...) Kosh pointed me to this little gem: a Star Trek parody using The Sims 3.

(found at The Awesomer)

I started laughing as soon as the voiceover started.

Ah yes, sometimes it really is fun to be a geek. nerd. whatever. :D

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  1. yeah - i love the jargon on-screen at the end of the video. "no red shirts...." hehe.


  2. Haha, cute Sims conversation. I'm still waiting on the Sims3 I'm so excited!!

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