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#1001: Life after Work -- every 10th post from Oct 2005->Feb 2006!

Today we continue to celebrate the quantity, if not quality, of my posts at Life After Work.

For some reason I'm inspired to do some math: 1000 divided by 4.5 years oh wait let's go by months, so divide 1000 by 54, and that gives an average of 18 posts a month. Not too shabby!

... if you take into consideration the additional 320+ posts in my other blogs, my average posts per month skyrocket to about 24!

Anyways: let's continue reviewing every 10th post, starting from where we left off in Sept 2005 up until I had to head back to Malaysia in Feb 2006. Enjoy!
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= = =

Post #162: It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's super-Cage?! [October 4th, 2005]
A short post about what Nicholas Cage decided to name his son.

Post #172: not Aaron, just a blog on Spelling :-) [October 13th, 2005]
Where I ramble on a bit about spelling, or the lack thereof, on many blogs.

Post #182: you reap what you sow! [October 18th, 2005]
A rant that ends with "I'd rather to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all."

Post #192: Catching up : October 19 - 20 2005 [October 26th, 2005]
Painfully mundane minutiae about some of my days in Switzerland (this trip would be the last that I spent time with my Grandma - she passed away about a year later).

Post #202: happy deepavali [November 1st, 2005]
A navel-gazing entry of randomness

Post #212: take the weather with you [November 6th, 2005]
Contains a weather report and a book report.

Post #222: Poser Schmoser #1 [November 10th, 2005]
Where I take a situation from my past, and mull over it publicly.

Post #232: schmitibank the inflexibles rigidities [November 30th, 2005]
Ah yes... a rant about canceling my credit card from afar, and how unnecessarily drawn-out a process it turned out to be...

Post #242: 2hr 53m 20s and counting [December 10th, 2005]
A short post while I struggled to recover from a bad cold. What those numbers mean? Click and find out :D

Post #252: pie in the sky? [December 21st, 2005]
A throwaway post reporting a blogthings quiz.

Post #262: urban legend chain e-mails: verify verify verify! [January 1st, 2006]
This rant was great to publish, then it turned into a handy reference to point people to, those who were guilty of passing on e-mails without even attempting to verify the veracity of the contents. A recommended read :)

Post #272: One time, back in Band Camp... [January 10th, 2006]
A short post bemoaning the rapidly deteriorating American Pie franchise.

Post #282: Effects of the Ferrari-less Monk [January 13th, 2006]
Where I review The Monk who sold his Ferrari - a book recommended to me by one of my ex-bosses. One word: disappointing!

Post #292: Kosh is President for the day! [January 20th, 2006]
Birthday wishes to Kosh.

Post #302: star stuff [January 28th, 2006]
It starts off with a quote of Delenn from Babylon 5, and goes on to explore what else but star- (and space-) related stuff.

Post #312: I'm a survivor! [February 3rd, 2006]
A throwaway post about yet another online quiz.

Post #322: Star Trek; New Voyages [February 12th, 2006]
I'll have to re-explore the link in this one: I remember finding this "continuation of ST:TOS" as web episodes, but I'd not taken the next step of downloading/watching any of them.

Post #332: VD#6: the end of VD [February 14th, 1006]
VD in this case referring to Valentine's Day, where I did a blog post marathon of sorts. This particular post wraps up how I spent the day.

Post #342: Nohari & Johari windows [February 19th, 2006]
My last post in the USA! The next day I left for Malaysia for what would end up being SIX MONTHS away from Kosh. Yikes! Anyways, so this post was a request for those who knew me to fill in Johari and Nohari windows for me. Only Kosh helped out. Oh well. I'd suspected as much, but had to try.

= = =

Once again, I do hope that veteran and new readers will take this opportunity to explore some of my past posts... there are some gems hidden among the fluff, I assure you! :D

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