Tuesday, February 14, 2006

VD#6: the end of VD

As I start this post, only 10 minutes remain for VDay.

So how did I spend this day?
Hmm - woke up. Breakfast while watching some Da Vinci's Inquest episodes. Worked out a bit. Blogged a bit. Showered. Lunch. Smallville. Smallville. Library to pick up Tootsie (and books I'm not going to read in time before leaving!!). Picked-up chicken wings for dinner & ice-cream for dessert. Dinner while Smallville-ing again. Then watched Tootsie with dessert. Now playing Disc 2 of The Stand while online again. ... bottomline: it pretty much went as expected :-)

Wanted to note that I also had a pseudo VD post over at the BSB site... it was already VDay over on that side of the world even tho when I posted it it was still before midnight on the 13th. But check it out for a smile if you like the combination of hopping and boobs ;-)

Think I'm gonna hit the hay soon.

G'nite all!


  1. no, i still didn't get it..is your name aileen too?

  2. little light: it's a play of words: aileen = i - lean : which is what a one-legged woman may do often, especially if they work at i-hop. nvm = my sense of humor doesn't usually resonate with too many people :-D


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