Sunday, February 12, 2006

probably one of my last forays into this topic

1. I'm not surprised to see this sort of thing. Are you?

2. Aiseh Man has numerous excellent posts, check them out.

3. Wikipedia is the place to check out the entire 43-pg dossier distributed during the Danish clerics' "tour". Hurry, it is slated for deletion. At least now I've seen *one* 'toon *I'd* consider offensive (the "This is why Muslims pray" one) BUT take note it's one of those "of undetermined origin" 'toons, not anything published by that Danish paper. (Thanx to Muppetlord for this link!)


  1. What did I do? I was just spreading the word.

  2. Anytime. It is alleged that 2 of the 3 extra images may have been done purely for the dossier. Makes you think.

    To be honest, there are Muslims that actually aren't too bothered by the images (the actual 12 that were printed), it is a pity that they don't get the tv time.

  3. tyler: dude, you helped point me to a prime example of how the religion (and the prophet) is viewed by some people... I linked you cos I wanted to provide some eye-opening services to those who didn't know such opinions even existed (read: folks back in Malaysia).

    muppetlord: unfortunately, there's lots of problems for a conservative/sane/whatever Muslim to stand up and say they didnt find them offensive, cos chances are high that the irrational fanatics would turn part of their overzealous rage towards them and brand *them* as heretics/apostates or something like that.

  4. Hi,
    This guy wrote in to malaysiakini, and he does have some rather good examples of the Prophet keeping his cool in some cicumstances. Now, i am not a scholar of Islam nor am I interested in searching the web for "proof" of his arguments, i will just take them at face value. (I do find that he exagerates with the word "beloved" a little). Anyway, those hysterical flag and embassy torchers should think a just little before acting.


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