Thursday, February 09, 2006

... of ends, means, and justification thereof ...

There's that saying / defense / excuse: the end justifies the means

What was the "end" for Imam Ahmed Abu- Laban, the Danish Muslim cleric's "tour", anyway?
- Publicising the offensive Danish 'toons (that were published last September! a bit out of date, eh?)?
- inciting hate & violence?
    Then we start to hear about three FAKE 'toons were part of the "evidence" handed out during this "tour"?

    What, someone didn't think that the original dozen or so offensive 'toons might just not cut it in terms of garnering support (read: inciting hate & violence!), so someone decided to add more ooommph to the mix?
Bad enough to have such a tour which seemed to be intended to incite violence rather than peacefully highlight to and educate the non-Muslims how and why such 'toons are offensive.

Then to be exposed as using fake / other toons, thus destroying any credibility of theirs, and indeed calling into question the intention of the tour...

And of course, protests over the 'toons have degenerated into incoherent emotional outpouring of anger and resentment and hostility and dissatisfaction towards the Western/non-Muslim world in general.
    I watched the news the other night, and saw these white-robed, sarban-wearing, wau bulan beards on their chin, youth in Indonesia throwing themselves against police barricading the Danish Embassy, hurling obscenities at police trying to keep the peace. So many countries, so much havoc and destruction. Flag burning. Riots. All these people, so caught up in their righteous rage. Selfish. Irresponsible. Blind. Lost. And worst of all: parading their own ignorance of their own religion for all the world to see, for the world to take as "the true face" of the religion. Drowning out calls by more "aware" Muslims and citizens of the world for an end to all this mindless violence.

All I could do was shake my head in disgust, roll my eyes at the screen, and flip the channel.

Way to go, y'all... excellent work in providing total negative publicity AND further confirming the Western world's view that being a Muslim means you are a fanatical violent extremist terrorist.

If THAT was your "end", well then, I guess everything's just dandy, eh?


Excuse me while I wrap a cloak of apathy and indifference around me.

I'm going back to devoting my energy to things that are productive and fulfilling, not this lost cause.


  1. Good post. Sums up what I feel too...

    Malapetaka betul!

  2. QUOTE: "I'm going back to devoting my energy to things that are productive and fulfilling, not this lost cause."


  3. Incidentally, where the hell did common sense go? :-/


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