Saturday, February 11, 2006

Traffic Update #2

(#1 was done last September)

    Spike #1 @ April 2005
    Dunno what would account for a leap in visits at this point in time. Maybe that's when I started feeling confident and actually started leaving comments on other blogs? April is also when I got my sitemeter counter. Related?

    Spike #2 @ August 2005
    Signed up with Little Neo. Lots of new readers. And readees! :-)

    Spike #3 @ November 2005
    I believe this is when I found SYN/ACK/FIN's random reading page, and used that as a reference for another round of adding readees.

Nice to know readership is slowly on the way up :-)


  1. And it's gonna go way up still....Nice work lynne. :-)

  2. You are very popular now. Great stuff attracts! Keep going for the fun.

    I have to learn from you.


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