Tuesday, February 14, 2006

VD#4: rubber hands & misc thots

ugh.. I suppose it *has* been a while since I whipped out those teeny dumbells and did some arm reps... just did 3 sets x 10 reps of misc bicep, tricep, shoulder & side thingys. now my arms feel a bit shaky, like they are made of rubber. Boy am I gonna get whupped my first few tennis sessions once I'm back...


and in case you noticed / were wondering, yes, I stayed up till past 330am last night - me blogging while Kosh was working on some stuff, with Disc 1 of Stephen King's The Stand playing on the TV/DVD. I've yet to see the whole thing (it *is* kinda bad...) - prefer to re-read the book instead: yet another to put on my reading list :-) marked the start of VDay by blowing kisses across the room to each other, LOL! Are we an old couple or what :-)


okay - arms feeling better now. Off to shower & lunch. Will have non-dial-up blog time later tonight - expect more meanderings then :-)

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