Monday, February 27, 2006

my handwriting, thru the years (kinda)

Kinda cool to see the "attitude" @ 12, and the experimentation with different "styles" between 12 - 15... and how different it all is from age 6!

Unfortunately, the college & work eras are missing since the relevant notebooks and stuff are packed away elsewhere (hence the "kinda" in the title)...

Analyses of the above are welcome, btw. *grin!*


  1. I noticed that your handwriting at 13 is better than when you were at 15 and 16... I guess as you get older you try to write faster. :-)

  2. It's very variable - mine is, too, from day-to-day, not just over the years. I think that says something negative about our personalities... wonder what Freud would have to say?


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