Sunday, February 26, 2006

Some images from my past...

Do you recognise any of these two items?

They were an important part of my (younger) life...

1. my musical watch
    I remember it was a momentous event: for our birthdays one year, my bro & i were brought to Sg Wang, and were allowed to pick out a digital watch each!! Prior to this, with our Swiss "connections" we had always had the usual wristwatches with hands on the dial.

    I picked out a Casio musical watch. Don't remember what my bro chose. Mine chimed the keys of the scale when going thru different menu options, along with being symbolised by the relevant note along the 5 lines on the top part of the screen. I could choose various melodies (some Beethoven, Mozart, etc) to be set as my alarm. Really cool! :)

    My main memory associated with this: as usual, in my quest to be different, I chose to have the watch run on a 24hr basis, so 1pm would show as 13:00 on the screen. And that the rest of my schoolmates complained they couldn't tell time from my watch because they had no idea what 1300hrs was. Imagine that! Looking back I see the behaviour, in such young people!, of deriding things they don't understand... and not having the mental flexibility to "flip" from a 12hr to 24hr system! To be so mentally rigid at such a young age...

2. my Mr Challenger!!
    ran on a 9V battery. It had all sorts of word games to build vocabulary and language skills. I don't remember much about it except that I played "hangman" on it, and that it made this funny noise when you got the answer right :) And that I spent hours and hours with it.

They'd been sitting gathering dust for decades... decided to bite the bullet & let them go to the rubbish bin... ... and just keep a picture for the memories...

and subject my readers to them, LOL!


  1. my first digital watch had a compass built in beside it. wahuuu!

  2. heyya duke! thanx4stopping by :) why the compass, were you at risk of getting lost all the time? teehee :D

  3. it seemed kewl at that time. and i wanted to be "cool". yea, i guess i was lost.

  4. I can't even remember when I had my first digital watch, it's THAT long time ago. LOL! :D


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