Friday, February 24, 2006

i didn't title this one till 350pm, LOL

okayyy.. ... downloading Graphics Converter Pro 6.36.60220 from it's a 9MB file, being downloaded at 3 KB/sec... with total estimated time of 40 mins.

have i mentioned i hate dialup? ... this had better be worth it...

--- quick notes ---
1. avian flu detected in chickens on the outskirts of KL; authorities moving fast to cull birds within a few miles radius. I'm on the other side of town, so far so good. However, being up on the top of this apartment block, we share space with lots of birds, pigeons mostly, that have made their home in the "public attic" next to this apartment. Is there a risk to us? yikes!!

2. have also been dealing pretty well with the heat & humidity - for example, I didn't even feel that "wall of humidity" that I usually walk into when finally emerging from air-conditioned buildings to my first exposure outside. Of course, in the apartment, it does get stuffy... and there are no fans, so gotta hit the a/c... i suppose the electricity bill will be going up along with the internet bill to mark my presence here...

3. have been keeping busy enough that i'm surprisingly sane considering it's already been 48hrs since my arrival :p and today is pure bliss cos i didn't follow the parents to Port Dickson for the day :-)

--- download now 42% done. ugh. ---

more later. hopefully with pix.


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