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The Journey, and the Destination

Monday 20th Feb 2006:
10:15am-ish (CST)
Check-in to CMI airport. Guy at counter very helpful, manages to check bags all the way to KUL (didn't think it was possible - figured I'd have to claim them in EWR and re-check-in at the Malaysia Airines counter, so I'm saved that hassle. *if* the bags actually *do* make it to KUL lah! we'll see.... watch Kosh have some bfast (me *so* nt hungry), say our g'byes ~1040am, plane leaves pretty much on schedule around 11am.

1:00pm-ish (PST) (12 noon-ish CST)
arrive in CVG only to see that my 2:30pm connecting flight is delayed by almost 2hrs! Good thing I incorporated lots of buffer time in EWR precisely because for something like this...

2:30pm (PST)
... am kicking myself cos just realised i could have tried to get on another flight for EWR scheduled to leave at 235pm! So I rush to that gate (in a different terminal!), but they wouldn't allow me without the proper ticket paperwork. Of course by the time I got to the counter to try to get the relevant ticket, the plane's gone, and the next earliest flight to EWR is the one I'm on anyway. sigh.

3:30pm (PST)
Starting to wonder WHERE my flight is boarding at... no gate # provided on the screen, and I really should be in the relevant waiting area by now... finally find an information counter, find out that it's "common knowledge" that that particular airlines flies out of yet ANOTHER terminal! So i hike it to that terminal - no sign of that airline logo! I just keep walking, hoping to find it... and *p*h*e*w* there it is! and like 2 minutes after I got there, they started boarding! Imagine if I'd been just a bit later??!! Bleah!!

6pm (PST)
Arrive in EWR. Find out that having my baggage checked thru to KUL didn't mean I was saved from having to go out and back in thru security, cos I still had to check-in at the normal MH counter at another terminal before being able to get back into the "secure" area. But hey, at least no need to lug my baggage, eh?

6:30pm (PST)
Problem with my ticket... somehow, my name was misspelt in the system (an "S" instead of an "F") and that was an issue... took them a while to sort it out... but it did get sorted out, thankfully (otherwise i'd have raised a stink, LOL!). Now to see if my airline miles got credited into my account because of this... bleah, something to follow-up once I'm back in KL

10:10pm (PST)
Start boarding. Virtually empty plane, whoohooo! But I have a neighbour. *but* we hit it off and start talking (very unusual for me!).. that certainly helps pass the time while the plane just sits there... they anounce a delay due to "planning"?? No idea what that was about. I think we take off about 30mins late.

In-flight EWR - Sweden
Me & neighbour chat a while more - she & I are kindred spirits, pretty cool :) i move away to stretch out on totally empty middle section (5 seats! bliss!! haven't had this much space to myself on a plane since, gosh, i don't even know!), manage to sleep some but not very restful.

Tuesday 21st Feb 2006
5:15am (CST). As usual, we have that 1.5hr break in Sweden where we are loaded off the plane then ushered back into the waiting room after another round of security screening. This time our path actually took us past some shops, wow! The wooden floors of the airport were pointed out: true, definitely a warmer/welcoming feel than most airports. We board (FULL HOUSE!) & take-off with no incidents.

Wednesday 22nd Feb 2006
4:50pm CST / 6:50am Msian Time
Touchdown @ KLIA. We actually arrived on-time! Whiz past immigration (i luuurrrrve the new passport facility!)... and of course get stuck for a while waiting for luggage. And whoohooo, both pieces made it!

8:45 am
Experience the wall of humidity taking my first step out of an air-cond envt (KL Sentral) - but actually i hardly felt it! Wait forever for father to pick me up. My total journey has been about 32hrs from the time I got to the CMI airport. I need a shower. I desperately need a shower!!

9:30 am
I have my first glass of teh tarik kurang manis while watching my father have his breakfast at Paandi#2. The tea sucked - i think they were actually being "healthy" and used evaporated milk instead of sweetened condensed milk... and it showed :p Hey, getting it kurang manis (less sweet) is the only provision I make for this drink - i *know* it's bad for me, but I want it anyway, so please let me have my poison unadulterated!!

10:00 am
Get a tour of the new apartment. I roll my eyes. I think parents are crazy. Nuff said. Till later. I *did* say this warrants a post all by itself :p Take a nice long shower. Am of course sweating right after stepping out, even tho i used cold water. Yep, gotta get used to that all over again...

Spend the rest of the day (and the next...) clearing out my old room.
Nothing too too exciting since then.

Wait till this week starts.

Gonna have my LHDN (income tax) saga all over again... sigh....


  1. Whew! reading this post made me tired as a dog, LOL! :D At least the fight was uneventful...


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