Thursday, February 09, 2006

11 days to go...

Good news! Checked my library account and saw that Gregory Maguire's Wicked:The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West is waiting to be picked up! I've been on the waiting list for so long, I'd pretty much given up hope of getting my hands on it before I leave. So - yay! Now to make sure I finish it off before leaving :-)

More good news - yep, *d*o*n*e* with Buffy Season 5. I've had so much Buffy that my dreams of last night/this morning were filled with characters of the show. And with Kosh's snooze alarm going off every 10 minutes, it would disturb my dream but I'd make a mental note while waking up that it was okay "cos I was watching a DVD and could resume once I got back to sleep" or something weird like that, LOL!
    The best episode of this season, in my opinion, is The Body, which very poignantly, tastefully and artistically depicts the events happening within the first few hours of Buffy finding the body of her mother on the couch. There was no music used in this episode: no haunting or sad music to go with the mood - so there was a very stark feel to it. Then there was the disjointed focus on the smallest of things. Images of "what if" scenarios running through Buffy's mind. The charcoal in Dawn's hand making a downward mark as she leaves the easel and follows Buffy outside for the news. Anya the ex-demon all confused about the emotions she feels. So many things!! But my absolute fave scene within it all was a short (not even 10 second) sequence where the doctor is done with the autopsy, takes off his gloves, switches off the lights of the morgue, and makes this seemingly endlessly long journey from the dark cold land of the dead, slowly coming into grey, past some doors that lead to some color, some noise, then turns the corner to bright vibrant bustling life - the land of the living - where Buffy and gang are comforting each other waiting for news. I thought that was a particularly well done sequence.
My eyes were leaking big time through most of this episode, btw.

Will spend the next few days listing down what I need / plan to bring back with me, and procuring them if need be. One or two TSA-approved padlocks, definitely. One or two sets of "office attire". And somehow, also need to bring patience, lots of patience (or at least some sort of mental block), otherwise I'll be going mad from exposure after just an hour or so back at the apartment. yay. I know, I know, my bitching and focus about the inevitable is just going to take away from the few days I *do* have of blessed sanity; but this is the way I need to steel myself for the experience.

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  1. Starting to pack already? I know this is kinda early but, have a safe trip lynne. :-)


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