Sunday, February 19, 2006

time keeps on slipping slipping slipping....

... into the future....

everyting becoming a blurrrr... I don't even remember anything that happened Thursday...

Friday we had our last bbq beef ribs session for lunch.
Then headed out to a friend of Kosh's for dinner, about an hour away from us.

Saturday was supposed to be productive, but some how, well, it wasn't :p And we had dinner with another couple, essentialls Kosh's sister's friend & hubby, and dog and 2 cats. Dog had hurt its jaw and was slobbering everywhere: bleah! Apart from that, it was a fun night - played a few rounds of euchre; had my first taste of 3-milk cake.

Sunday (today) is my last full day here. Already off to a slow start... Kosh is at work for a while, while I play around on the work PC. Then it's off to do a spot of final shopping, then back for packing. And catching up with tv shows: can you believe I have 7 hours of recorded tv shows, most of them being Da Vinci's Inquest, to watch before I leave??! Yikes!!

And to top it all off.. it's been *C*O*L*D*!!! M-O-O-N that spells friggin cold!!! According to the weather reports, this weekend is the coldest of this year's meteorological winter (December - February). Brrrrrrrrrrr! I kid you not! Friday was warm (over 60F) then temps dropped so low that the overnight low was in the single digits! Saturday was totally frigid! Today it's better, slightly warmer, but still cold... Have I said bleah??!!

Anyways... these may be my last few posts for a while... i doubt that I'll be online till I'm back in Malaysia. fun. catch up with y'all then.

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