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...yet another muddying of waters...

The world in general has no real idea of what Islam is.

I don't claim to be an expert, oh no, not me, but still... the actions of those terrorists who claim to be fighting for the cause of Islam are really *not* helping with the stereotype and misinformation and misunderstanding...

So I'm not surprised when I read about some Danish caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that have the Muslim community all riled up.

That the cartoons were concieved and published shows a deep ignorance a few Danes had of how highly-regarded the Prophet is by Muslims.

I do think they should have known better than to publish a cartoon that depicts the prophet as a terrorist with a bomb in his "turban".

But, again... am I really surprised? no.

hello, Muslim world -- that such a faux pas would occur in this day and age, when we should be showing the world what Islam really is all about (i.e. NOT that terrorist bullcrap), is a failing on all of us too.

Don't just hit out at the ignorant "Westerners". What have you been doing to educate them, to provide an alternate view of the religion, one that is not supplied by the extremist terrorist whatever-ist organisations, that is eagerly reported and propagated by the media all over the world to further some nations' agendas??

Then the Danes hide behind the excuse of "free speech";
... the media focusses on Muslims hurling ridiculous pro-Zionist accusations, torching Embassies & burning flags;

... people start picking sides ... (btw, I wonder how many have actually *seen* the 'toons for themselves....)

aaaaaaand everyone pretty much stays stuck in their respective ruts.



Haven't seen the 'toons? Try HERE.

Other reading material:
1. MWU's "What Would Prophet Muhammad Have Done?"
2. Basque News & Information "U.S. backs Muslims in caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad dispute"
3. The Times Online "What price must be paid for free speech?"
4. "Muslims Outraged Over Blasphemous Garfield Cartoon" (Not to be taken seriously)


  1. I have noticed that Asians are more tolerant when it comes to other religion. And they could live side by side in racial and religious harmony better than the Westerners. I have Muslim friends, even back in University who would at times go out with me and get blasted (yeah, they were THAT progressive) and we'd have quite a good time actually.

    All this religious differences is driving me nuts, really. No wonder Mao Tze Tung once said that religion is the opium of the masses.

  2. Really? I think both sides are wrong. The press for essentially taunting Muslims and the Muslim community for reacting violently.

    I know very little about any other religions, I've done some basic background reading, but really, I'm not that interested. My religion is my business and yours is yours.

    Is that too disinterested of me? Oh well.

  3. elisette: maybe it's sad, but actually i'd prefer disinterest... so much better than having wars because two or more parties are convinced that theirs is the one and only right path.

    SnglGuy: I feel most people are so hung up on the difference between religions that they overlook the similarities. And even worse... so many people do not actually know their religions well, so they can't actually have such "intelligent" conversations about such comparisons...

    the world is in a sad sad state of affairs...


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