Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jeopardy with Lynne

This... is.... jeopardy!

{Play the Jeopardy theme}

A: Buffalo, cow & turkey
Q: What animals were killed to make Kosh's & Lynne's dinner tonight?

    Went to a bbq place that serves buffalo burgers. This time Kosh had beef brisket & smoked turkey so we could sample *other* stuff rather than we both get the same thing. And for those who don't know: buffalo is similar to beef, but less fat. It also dries out very fast, so the most "wellness" you want is medium rare; that will give you pink in the center but NOT dried out.

A: 7 shirts, 5 pants, 4 ties and 1 belt
Q: How many of what new items were purchsed to breathe new life into Kosh's wardrobe today?

    Even when limiting myself to the "petite" section, it's difficult for me to find anything I like let alone that fits me :p So devoted time to finally adding to Kosh's wardrobe. Had the most fun trying to match ties to the pants & shirts. :-)

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  1. A cousin of mine from the States told me that Buffalo meat tastes good and healthier, is this true?


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