Thursday, February 02, 2006

again: I *am* a geek, LOL!

Watching one of those ST:TNG episodes earlier today (well, yesterday, I guess, it's past midnight!!)... it had just started, and the guest star names were appearing onscreen... wasn't paying that much attention, but all of a sudden I noticed a familiar name:

"Omg! Andreas Katsulas??!! That's G'Kar!! That's G'Kar!!!"

It was a tale of a Romulan defector, and I kept looking at the actor closely, listening to the voice, wondering if it was G'Kar, but it just didn't quite fit the face/voice from Babylon 5.... was this Andreas Katsulas or not??!! ... then right at the end, this Commander Tomalak comes into the picture.

It's G'Kar!!

Funny how there are these Star Trek / Babylon 5 links.... the only one I knew of was of course Walter Koenig (Chekov / Bester); it was Kosh who was quite happy to recognise the "voice of the Enterprise computer" (Gene Roddenberry's wife Majel Barett) as the Lady Morella, widow of the Centauri Emperor. Then now there's the discovery of Andres Katsulas having had this recurring Romulan role (I count 5 appearances).

Kinda cool :-)


  1. nothing wrong with being a geek. they're gonna inherit the earth after all (if they haven't already).

  2. oh true, nothing wrong wif being a geek.. it's just that I'm not your typical "geek" ... I suppose one might call me a philosophical geek (as opposed to the stereotypical "technical" geek) :-)


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