Saturday, February 25, 2006

... and so it begins ...

so here's the room I came back to vacate ===>

Do I miss it?


... after all, I all I did there was sleep maaah!

I'd get up to go to work, leaving @ 7 / 715am, but of course would never head straight home after work @ 5pm; after all, just cos office hours ended at 5 didn't mean my work was done at 5.

Besides, traffic outbound from the KL city center is hell between 445pm and 8pm right?

So I'd head to the other side of town instead, and hang out at Coffee Bean Ampang Point until they closed, then only head back to this apartment to shower & sleep. By then it'd be maybe 1am. Then I'd wake up at 630am and the cycle started again :D

And weekends? Outta there as soon as I could, whether to just get away, or again to hang out at Coffee Bean maaaah!

Ya lah, at that time I had my laptop, Coffee Bean was a Maxis wireless hotspot, and me & Kosh were IMing at almost every opportunity.

Now? Coffee Bean no longer is a hotspot. If I *do* wanna do the coffee&surf thing I'm forced to go to Starbucks (ugh!!!). Sure, there are at least two relatively close by, but then again, I'm carless.... bleah :p

btw, already had "Strike One" incidents with BOTH parental units yesterday.

".... and so it begins..."

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  1. Hey lynne, take it easy and have a great weekend, ok? :D At least it's peaceful in M'sia politically. Here, we have a political drama unfolding this weekend...


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