Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The 2006 LHDN* rant #1

* LHDN = Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri = Internal Revenue Board = the taxman

While certainly not fruitful, my LHDN errand today was thankfully relatively painless (once I got there lah… so many miscomms in the apartment today, *o*m*g*, not even going to *go* there...)...

My focus was on a mysterious “business tax file” (type OG, as opposed to SG, for those who are curious/know/care) that mysteriously got created about two years ago; unfortunately the “home” of the file – the Kelana Jaya tax office – was as much help as the main Jalan Duta office: not much. They can’t say how or why the file was created, seeing as I certainly to NOT own a business of any sort!

It’s not reassuring that they don’t seem concerned about it being a case of identity theft, especially when they seem totally ignorant and unconcerned as to how&why such a file could be opened in my name without my knowledge/consent!

And it doesn’t help that despite the file having been “frozen” at my (verbal) requests in Oct 2004 & April 2005, they keep sending that Borang B!

Hello, LHDN people?!!? If that file is really frozen, no need lah to send that friggin Borang B! What do *you* think I am going to think when I receive it – of course lah I’ll be concerned that somehow the file in your system has been reactivated!

And guess what I have been told for two years in a row, by LHDN staff, when I asked why I continued to receive the Borang B and what I was supposed to do about it:

“Oh, it’s frozen, so no need to submit lah. Don’t worry.”

Then why send that friggin form?

And why am I not reassured?


Seeing as so much about this is beyond my control, I figured for me to get some sort of closure on this, I decided to make a comprehensive file note describing this OG-saga, starting from early 2004 when I first knew something was wrong. It’s now filed along with the unsent Borang B, at the back of the file where I keep all my tax stuff. I figure somewhere down the road, if something were to crop up regarding this “business file”, I can say that a long time ago I tried to do something about it, and all I was told by LHDN was DON’T WORRY.

.. and that, my friend, is what you call closure ..

…or as closured as one can get in cases like these lah…
    btw: my job position, according to the OG file, is Pengarah Syarikat (Director). Kinda cool, eh? It's certainly not true, but kinda cool to see that rank with my name on it, LOL!

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  1. A director? Maybe that's why they thought you OWN a business....


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