Sunday, February 05, 2006

supermen in the buff?

..we got so tired of the friggin DVD player that wouldn't play, so we went ahead and bought another one. Not too too happy with it, will probably return it for another model, but for the moment we are keeping it and playing all those DVDs we'd borrowed from the library..

The Superman movies :
The worst one = Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. *o*m*g* lame storyline, lame nuclear man, lame rebuilding of the Great Wall of China, that really was the worst of the lot!! And I really don't remember if I'd seen it before, could have sworn I'd seen it but didn't remember a thing, maybe because i blanked it all out cos it was so lame??!! Oh, did I mention I think this movie is lame? :p

The most different one would definitely be Superman III, with Richard Pryor as the unwitting "bad guy". There was more in terms of humor & sight gags, maybe because of Richard Pryor's involvement? What was cool too about this one was seeing Annette O'Toole playing Lana Lang, when later she's in Smallville playing Martha Kent :-)
Smallville Season One:
Kinda cool to see the absolute beginning of the series. However, it looks like all those otherworldly storyline twists about symbols and elements and caves will come in maybe Season Two. Don't have that from library yet. Me in no rush, probably let Kosh knock himself out on that while I'm gone :-)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
Yes, finally got to start on the scooby gang's post-HighSchool action! Almost halfway through Season 4 right now, with Season Five also in hand and due back Feb 9th... yes, four days to go through one-and-a-half seasons of Buffy,,, I think I'm gonna be all Buffy-ed out by then!
Oh, and yeah, 15 days till my departure. *u*g*h*

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you lynne, SupermanIV is the lamest although I will also include III even with Richard Pryor around.

    15 days to go,eh? You don't seem to happy...


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