Tuesday, February 14, 2006

VD#5: ewe ess pee ess

Incident #1:
Mid-December 1005: A greeting card was wrongly delivered to Kosh's letterbox: sure, the last name was the same...and same street... except that it was for SOUTH xx St, and we're at NORTH. And of course totally different unit number. [we wrote "wrongly delivered" on it and popped it back into the mailbox by the Post Office]

Incident #2.1:
End-December 2005: You know those postage paid postcards provided by companies for surveys/customer feedback? Where on one side is the address and "no postage necessary" thing, on the other side are the questions to be answered. Which in this case included a space for us to fill in *our* address. Popped it into the Post Office mailbox, sometime during that week between X-mas & New Year. The next week, that postcard was delivered into our mailbox! [Yes, despite the address printed in large fonts on the front, somehow it got delivered to the much smaller address written in a future doc's chickenscratch handwriting on the "other" side!!]

Incident #2.2:
Mid-January 2006: Took the postcard to the Post Office and handed it over to a Post Office personnel. She put it to be re-delivered, making sure to mark out the barcodes that had been printed on the card while processing it the first time, saying it sometimes happens that these cards are processed on the "wrong side" depending how they are inserted into their sorting machines. [Hellloooo, the mail deliverer is still human, right?? Even if the machine makes a mistake, surely the deliverer would notice that something's wrong?]

Incident #2.3:
End-January 2006: The postcard appears in our mailbox *again!* Why? "INSUFFICIENT POSTAGE"!!! But.. but... but... it's a POSTAGE-PAID postcard!!! Yeah, so the postage rates *had* gone up in early January.... but that should not affect these postage-paid things, right? And why deliver back to here??? So took it *back* to the Post Office, raised a bit of a fuss, got it re-re-processed. Geez, there were so many markings and cancellations made to the thing I wonder if any of the feedback would be legible by the time it reached its destination. If ever! [No sign of it in the mailbox so far - so either it made it, or they just threw it away?!]

Incident #3:
Mid-January 2006: The system in this block of apartments is that mailboxes are locked, with only the individual resident, and the local mail deliverer, having keys to the boxes. So the other day we checked the mailbox, saw an "attempted parcel delivery notice", and were all excited wondering what it could be, since we hadn't ordered anything from amazon.com or anything, and wanted to see when they would attempt a re-delivery. Then took a closer look at it and saw that it wasn't for us, it was for the unit next to us!! Can you say sloppy??!! We couldn't slip the notice into the correct box. Knocked on the fella's door - no answer. In the end we just taped the notice to his door. It seemed like real sloppy work by the mail deliverer - how can you mix up something like that??

Incident #4:
Early-February 2006: Sure it was just an unimportant piece of junk mail, but it *was* supposed to be in the mailbox of the apartment block across the street from us, not in *our* mailbox! Again: sloppy, sloppy work....

Figured out the title of this post yet? Talking about the United States Postal Service : USPS : ewe ess pee ess :p

Yeah, so we're not 100% confident about the mail carrier in charge of our area here... not all of the above can be attributed to the holiday greeting card high volume overload, eh?

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  1. Whenever I get a mail/junk mail with the wrong address, I just throw it in the trash can... Yes, I am evil. Mwahahaha :D


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