Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Traffic Update

From April 4th to around August 8th 2005, sitemeter reported a total of 666 visits to this site (no need to ask *why* I would remember such a number, eh?) Then, from August 8th to Septmber 6th, let's see.. if I do the math right, it's 1311 - 666 = 645!

wow... the same amount of visits that I got over the past 4+ months, I got in the span of just about ONE month, thanx to Little Neo :-)

I really like that I've discovered lots of new sites to visit (many of which are listed in the blogroll, in my sidebar), and it's great to know that others are also checking out this blog regularly.

Here's some graphical illustration of the change in traffic:

Image #1: Visits to blog, 20th July - 19th August 2005... TWO things that jump out at ya: the average of maybe 5 visits a day which skyrockets after August 8th... and the two spikes...

so... what's the deal with those spikes??? Maybe a snapshot of the traffic a bit further on will shed some light... so here's Image #2: August 2nd - 1st Sept 2005

... ugh... I immediately see a downward trend in those spikes, so overall I'm slowly getting fewer visits...

... and the spikes? Many people take time off from surfing during the weekends, is my guess :-)

but what the hey, *i* think it's cool to see the increase in traffic, even if it's a piddling amount compared to famous sites :-)


aaaaanyway... will be catching up with blogging while I can... will be leaving for MEAT LOAF IN CONCERT IN CLEVELAND either tomorrow afternoon or the next morning... oh my, I can hardly believe it... by this time Thursday night, I'll be yeling myself hoarse watching the big man himself!!! Whoooohooooo!!!!!


  1. Know what you're talking about.. my traffic increased drastical after being put on the LittleNeo board. I think it's both good and bad. A lot of them just pops by for a few seconds.. not to read, but to collect points... others finds you're blog very interesting and take the time to come back again.. and also sometimes blogroll you. I found 'Life after Work' through Neo and I'm happy for that, because I find the entries interesting to read.

    Have a nice weekend/Cess

  2. Good choice of concert. By now, you are "SHOUTING ALONG!"
    ps: You can count on me to be somewhere in amongst the "green peaks"

  3. hi sophie cecile,
    yeah, many of my "hits" seem to have a visit time of "0:00", I attribute most of it to web-bots crawling all over the net... Little Neo seems to have fixed the problem of multiple visits to one site - yahoo! :-)

    mensa-b: thanx for your continued presence in my green peaks :-D I appreciate your enthusiasm and comments :-)


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