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the St Louis tale :-)

Picture this #1
upon entering the bathroom, I'm accosted by signs EVERYWHERE saying (I paraphrase here): "1. please flush after using the toilet 2. please flush only toilet paper down the toilet 3. please wrap sanitary napkins in toilet paper before disposing them in the bin provided"

errrrrr... yeah.... about those TPS reports.... wait, what country am I am again?

and guess what: twice when I used the bathroom, I had to put up with the icccky sight of an unwrapped sanitary pad :p to give someone some credit, one of them had been rolled up, but had become half unrolled (but totally unwrapped lah, see "rule" #3 above); the other was a gross totally unwrapped thing - bleeeeaaaaahhhh!

Picture this #2
I get in the shower : only two shower stalls available: I chose the one furthest away from anything. Start the water : HOT. errr, okayyyy... I try to manipulate the thingy, but no matter what the setting, it's sending out scalding hot water out at me....

I'm kinda daring myself to go ahead and do a quick shower anyway,,, but I can't bring myself to get under the stream of seemingly boiling hot water...

after a while, I hop over to the next stall - try the water there - whoooohooo it's COLD!

I transfer the soap, shampoo and me in my birthday suit to that stall, and proceed to shower under cold water, as I tell myself "tomorrow, I'm driving back to Urbana, THEN I take another shower!"

All that happened last Monday 12th September in a dorm in St Louis.

A dorm? huh? what was I doing there? Here's the tale....

So me & Kosh got back on Saturday from the Illinois/Indiana/Ohio trek. Monday he was starting his "away rotation" in Washington University @ St Louis, so we had to leave Sunday to get there. Estimated it would be a 3hr drive. So planned a "leave latest by" 4pm time. Poor kitty was gonna have less than 24hrs with us b4 we disappeared again!

So the next day (Sunday):

woke up late at bit later than planned

watched tv while breakfasting

Kosh puttered around while I just watched (nagging about time would NOT be appreciated!)... couldn't really pack until I did laundry, couldn't do laundry till Kosh dropped me off at the laundromat, couldn't be dropped off until he was done puttering around, and while I was in charge of laundry he'd be at his "office" getting other stuff done before going off for one month...

I don't know what time we ended up leaving, but it was well after the "planned" 4pm!

after some trials and tribulations, we get there, and check-in to the dorm that he's booked for one month.

Not too bad: linen and towels provided, plus wrapped plastic cups, and soap, and alarm clock... pity the bathrooms are probably the worst in terms of size and comfort... (plus that stupid hot water thing!!). Pretty high security features (swipe card access to elevators, lounge, stairwells). Even had own sink in the room, so all you really needed the public bathrooms for was shower and toilet time :p

Stayed over Sun & Mon nights. Then drove back to Urbana, stopping by a Wal Mart on the outskirts of town for immediate shopping needs (salad, veggies, cream cheese danish, etc). Caught up with some recorded shows (another blog due for my reviews of the new season of HOUSE, and the new series BONES and HEAD CASES - stay tuned!)

on another note: have been online for over 4 hrous now... the rain FINALLY stopped!! whoohoooo!!

and ... I've been trying to get beyond #10 in Little Neo's ranking... I'm at over 160 points but STILL at #10! omg how many points do the Top 9 sites HAVE??!! I give up... :p


i think my exercise for the day will be walking to the library to return an overdue book (i coulda sworn it was due tomorrow but whaddaya know it was due yesterday grrrrrr!)... may check out some DVDs too while I'm there...

no more blogging / surfing till tomorrow, k?



  1. 1200 (at last (kidding)
    Sorry, I maybe missed it, but surfing (as in ocean kind?) :)

  2. oooooh, cooool! (for the surfing, not the points lah, teehee!).

    btw, I made it up to #8 briefly, but can't seem to hang on to that position, am back at #10 :p

    not "moving on up" is not a biggie: I like going thru and surfing thru the random blogs for fun anyway... I'm just totally amazed at how many points the others must have in order to "retain" their top 5 places!

  3. by the way, that bathroom stuff - that's so true and so disturbing. keep in mind this is happening in a med student dorm. all of these people are COLLEGE GRADUATES (or their shacking-up friends). i have twice (in one week) had to flush before i used the john ... and while using the urinal have observed guys starting to enter a stall then backing out to use the alternate one - and not even bothering to complete a "courtesy" flush (with their foot if necessary).

    people are lovely.


  4. Shared bathrooms or public restrooms.. yakkieee, I always try to stay away from those.

    I've been living in a student dorm for a few years, but luckily each and every room have it's own toilet and shower.. otherwise I wouldn't had moved in at all.

    Hope everything is fine with you... have a nice week!

  5. Hi Sophie! Well, make sure not to use the public bathrooms in Malaysia! Well, it's easy to keep away from them, cos you can smell them from afar! :p

    Kosh : yikes... well i suppose a dorm is a dorm is a dorm.. as in, "it's not *my* toilet, why should I keep it clean?" .. or even better ... "if i don't dirty it, the poor janitor won't have a job!"


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