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angelic ruminations

... i was *so* pissed off the other day ...

WB aired the final episode of Angel - the series finale - last Saturday.

But for the past few weeks, that Saturday night slot kept getting replaced with friggin' baseball... and instead of catching up with those missed episodes, WB has always just gone ahead and pretended nothing happened, so there'd be a gap in the storyline... so a few weeks ago Illyria was doing the unstable time travel thing, then all of a suden it's that episode where they all take up the impossible fight against the Senior Partners. Grrrrrr!!!

so while I was not quite bawling my eyes out during that really emotional episode, I was also really mad that there were some holes in the story that would be bugging me... after all, it's one thing to read the episode guide... it's totally another to watch the frigging thing and see all the details...

It may take another year before the Sunday noon "stream" gets to the final season... *sigh* gotta just wait patiently... or go rent it out...

this is all Kosh's fault, getting me hooked on Angel!

I'd have thought anything spinning off from Buffy was not gonna be good... heck, look at its origins... but I gotta say, this series certainly is interesting... what with the constant battling against demons and vampires plus the whole vampire-with-a-soul thing and the "Senior Partners" and averting apocalypse after apocalypse and all that character development and twists and turns to the overall plot...

What's scary... me being me, I got so intrigued by Angel that recently I decided that it would be kinda cool to see where it came from.. I mean, in theory I know it's a spin-off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I never did watch any of that show..

So I decided to borrow the first disc or so of Buffy Season One from the library.

I'm now at Season Two disc FOUR!!

Throughout the six or so discs that I've watched so far, I oscillate from "yeah I wanna see more" to "omg this is so lame why the heck am i bothering to watch this show??"

First it was just to see how it all started (btw a *young* David Boreanaz is *so* yummy!)

Then I kept watching cos I wanted to see how Cordelia, who is one of the main characters in Angel, became part of the gang, seeing as her character in Buffy was this snobbish popular girl who totally looked down on Buffy Willow and Xander as losers.

Now I wanna see the slow transformation of Willow from nice but dorky into a full-blown witch who also plays for the "other team".

And in the meantime, I wanna see how Faith figures in to the story (she did re-appear in Angel, and a lot of history was alluded to...), and she'd coming up in Season Three, I think.

Herein lies the dilemma - it's still not too bad to be borrowing Buffy from the library for free. But once I get through Season Three... I'd have to go find the rest at a rental store. And the thought of spending $$ to watch the series: if that happens, then that kinda makes it hard to deny that I'm not a fan, eh?

I suppose I kinda am a fan, but nowhere near my "fan-ness" for Angel: So far, Buffy seems to be just the regular hunting and dusting of vamps with some occasional digressions. I know there'll be much more development later, but still, I'm not so *caught* with the series the way I was with Angel. And I *so* prefer Angel, maybe because it's just so much darker.

But if nothing else, I learned a lot of high school slang already (aaaah, *so* useful, I'm sure!) - the main one, that I had never heard before until watching Buffy - "wig / wigging out". Anyone can tell me the origin of this? How has "fake hair" come to mean "wildly excited, enthusiastic, or crazy"?

Well, got another disc due back tomorrow... gotta get to "work" soon... byeee!

Oh, and Spike (or rather, they guy who played Spike - that's him with Angel in that picture above) is gonna be appearing in the new season of Smallville, playing the role of Braniac. See the news HERE
Oh, and no I have not forgotten.. I will be "reviewing" David Boreanaz's new tv show - BONES, soon. Gonna give it another episode or two before I .. errr.. rip into it :p


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