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a quick catching up! (Part 2)

(Cleveland, continued: 8th September 2005, 5:30pm)

We were a little late getting out for dinner: walked to the Hard Rock Cafe - proceeded to over-order, cos we didn't know just how BIG a portion the Jumbo Combo was! Good thing we were splitting that and an entree, as opposed to that and TWO entrees! Plus drinks ;)

Saw many people whom we knew were also going to see Meat... most of them looking like hog-people (the Harley Davidson crowd), and wearing different Meat t-shirts. I want one of those!! (t-shirts, not hogs :p)

After the meal, was thinking of getting HRC t-shirts, but the guy at the merchandise counter just didn't seem approachable... combine that with the fact that the concert officially started 5 mins ago... so I grabbed my minimum purchase at any HRC - a pin. Chose a colorful rainbow-guitar... found out later it was a gay pride pin, teehee!

Anyway... so off we go then to find the Tower City Amphitheatre... from the map we know it's across the road from the HRC but down by the river. We try to walk towards where all the traffic seems to be accumulating... some were going down a ramp for parking, but the traffic police said we couldn't go that way... Turns out we shoulda taken the lift down to the parking lot of the building where the HRC was, and follow signs from there to the amphitheatre... geeeez, woulda been nice to have even ONE sign indicating that on the ground floor as we exited the HRC!!

aaaaaanyway.... yeah, so we finally make our way there... fashionably late, but well in time for the concert itself... whoever was the opening act, I pity them... noone was paying them any attention :D

Immediately checked out the merchandise booth - overpriced t-shirts, and not the best of selections, but heck, gotta have one. So I got a baby-tee with a bat on the front, and the words "I'd do anything for love" on the back. Kosh got the concert tour t-shirt, with the image from Bat 1 in front and Bat 2 at the back. They were also selling SIGNED copies of his autobiography To Hell and Back, which I do wanna get, but it was selling for USD40?! A plain one costs up to USD25 only at hmmm, maybe next time...

Got ourselves something to drink... emptied bladder... made our way to our seats... and just as we sat down, the *real* concert started! Whoohoooo, talk about perfect timing!!!

(A slightly incoherent account of the concert HERE)

The concert was around 1hr 40mins ... it's a pretty decent length... but I felt kinda gypped cos the encore was only one friggin' song! :-( And there were *so* many songs that should hv been sung!!!!

Around 10:45pm we made our way back to the hotel... and loaded up on the Meat songs we *didn't* get to hear by using the CD player in the room. Including CHSIB (aka *our* song). The song that Meat didn't sing at the concert. The song during which Kosh was planning to propose. So that night in the hotel room, with CHSIB playing, he whipped a ring from outta nowhere and asked me to be his wife. My immediate reaction? I chuckled, and looked around, trying to figure out "where were you hiding that? where did that come from?" LOL ! A little while later, I said yes :-D

The sneaky guy had had it all planned out... and I had actually been oblivious to it all!! Good for him! Don't ask about the actual tying of the knot, though... I cringe at the thought of all the paperwork that's gonna have to be done, including figuring out how to reconcile two different countries' different requirements :p yeeeeehaww!!

In the meantime, I'm not yet done with the running around the mid-west states story... next post: walking in memphis cleveland 9th Sept 2005... laters!!


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