Saturday, December 10, 2005

2hr 53m 20s and counting

I glanced at the connection time and was quite surprised to see I've been online for almost three hours!

That's for this particular session only. Was online for another two hours or so earlier.

So long I didn't go to too many "heavy" sites, I didn't suffer too much from the dial-up connection. Kewl!

Most of my time has been spent visiting and exploring blogs (added quite a few to the sidebar - welcome, newbies!)

Finally remembered to do a bit of "research" for future posts about
- Narnia as Christian allegory?
- my issues with the supersize me "movie/documentary"
Stay tuned...

Didn't make it out of the apartment today - was still nursing a very snotty nose :-( Maybe tomorrow... the nose seems to have have dried out a lot through the day today, whoohooo! So my Darth Vader impression is pretty much shot, along with any potential I had to make prank heavy breathing calls, LOL

Yawwn... it's about quarter to midnight, I might as well sign off and head to bed.



  1. Heya lynne,take care of that cold and have a nice weekend... :D

  2. Hey, Thanks so much for the lovely comment you left on my site. It's always nice to see new faces round these parts.

    I checked your site out, (obviously) and was surprised and honoured to find you'd added me to your sidebar, *insert big cheesy grin here*

    I have returned the honour and you're now added to mine. Welcome to my crazy world :o)

  3. snglguy: many thanx for yr continued support, dear!

    dawn: you're very welcome, dearie! thanx for the link; will drop by often :-)


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