Thursday, December 01, 2005


Kosh left at 850am to catch the 900am train to chicago, for an 11am interview.

Ugh, I'm all tense, he had better have made it to the train!

Nevermind that the train station is less than 5 minutes from his sister's place: road conditions are kinda crappy right now - light snow greeted us this morning, so the roads are slippery. Yay.

If he misses this train, we're gonna have to do some sort of rushed drive up to Chicago in order for him to arrive on time.

Yep: this is another residency interview thingy. This time at Northwestern.

All the best, Kosh!

Update: 9:05am: he's on *a* train, hopefully the *correct* train! :p


  1. Good luck Kosh.
    "Je te tiens les pouces"
    "Je te dis merde"



  2. So you're all alone again for the weekend? Have a nice day lynne. :D

  3. Yo, bro... u gotta remember I'm totally not in the know when it comes to colloquial french...

    "Je te tiens les pouces" = I hold you the inches
    "Je te dis merde" = I tell you shit

    Hmmm.. i think something is lost in the translation!

    snglguy: thanx dude! I'm actually hanging out at Kosh's sis's place today, enjoying a broadband wireless internet connection WHOOHOOO!!! and will actually have a *long* weekend *with* Kosh since he took tomorrow off... we'll be hanging out here with his sis tomorrow (Friday) and meeting up with a friend of his on Saturday, and heading back to Urbana either Saturday nite or Sunday.

    to no one in particular : mmmmmm my second White Russian... *hic!*

  4. "Je te tiens les pouces" = I am holding your thumbs (not inches)
    "Je te dis merde" = I say "shit" to you
    are in fact ways to wish someone good luck... It does soound rude (especially the second one) but what can I say? French is a strange language... :-)

  5. yeah, I kinda suspected it was "thumbs" not "inches", but I went ahead and copy&pasted what the babel translated for me anyway.

    And I suppose there may be stories behind the origins of those expressions, kinda like "break a leg"?


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