Tuesday, December 20, 2005

quickie update

12:15 last night/early this morning - finished the x-mas/new year/holiday/season greetings/whatever cards! Combined, me & Kosh are sending out - count it - twelve cards, LOL! But hey, they all have the breast cancer research funding stamps on them :-) And one of them is an attempt to re-establish contact with a friend who's been out of touch since 1998: found her parents snail mail address online, so am sending them a card in a card... we'll see if anything comes out of it... we'll also have to see when the cards actually arrive, seeing as it's already December 20th here :-D

After a few days of putting it off, Kosh and I are heading to the gym today! Whether it's gonna be another round of racquetball, or cardio, or both, will remain to be seen... but it should be about an hour of exercise... followed by food, LOL!

My "why a fire engine is red" post had lots of responses - pretty cool! But, just to clarify: i didn't *have* to memorise it! I *chose* to memorise it. And it was something I picked up in a book somewhere, it was not school/education-related at all! Just me manifesting my off-the-wall taste from very young :-D

Speaking of off-the-wall, something else I remember. Here's something someone picked up while she was schooling in the U.K.: it *seems* the kids would sing this to the bus driver if someone needed to pee (or wee-wee) while in transit:
We wanna we wanna wee wee wee
If you won't let us off
We'll do it in the bus
It'll trickle down the aisle

Ah, the memories of youth!

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