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A feast indeed!

From GRRM News page, 27 November 2005: The American hardcover of A FEAST FOR CROWS was released on November 8, and immediately shot to the top of all the lists, making its debut at #1 on the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller list for hardcover fiction. ... also hit #1 on the WALL STREET JOURNAL and PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY bestseller lists, and #2 on the USA LIST (which combines fiction and non-fiction). Amazon, Border's, and Barnes & Noble also had FEAST ranked as #1 in hardcover fiction.

Hey, if you haven't already picked up this series, please do!

Yes, it's fantasy, but don't let that cloud your judgement if you're a non-fantasy-reading person...
  • it's an excellent tale so far, and doesn't follow the usual "black vs white good vs evil" structure.
  • Sometimes you don't know who you should be cheering for!
  • Then there are lots of people to remember, but somehow keeping them all straight is MUCH easier than the characters in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time tale.
  • And best (or worst!) of all - THE WRONG PEOPLE DIE!!
So yeah, it's fantasy, but it's realistic within that fantasy setting, y'know?

Am looking for information on when A Dance with Dragons is coming out, but can't seem to find anything yet. I guess everyone's focussed on the fact that Crows is finally out! And yes, it is a big deal - the previous book in this series was released five years ago! It's been a long wait, but totally worth it. I believe Dragons will be out if not end 2006 then early 2007.

While it's relatively fresh on my mind, I wannat jot down stuff relating to what I just read:
Warning! Spoiler Alert!
Warning! Spoiler Alert!
Warning! Spoiler Alert!

I saw two references to Cercei’s dresses getting tight around the waist… granted there were reasons provided for it (the one I remember is that the dress in question was an old one…)… but still… maybe Cercei is unknowingly pregnant? If so, who on earth would the father be? Not Lancel, since we know he never “spilled his seed into her womb”… so one of the Kettleblacks? If she’s even pregnant lah! Damn, gotta wait till at least Book 6 to find out…

The author seems to want us to think that the queen that will topple Cercei in that foretelling is little Margery. I think it’s Daenerys. We’ll see how things pan out. In the meantime, that showdown with the main ladies being held by the High Septon pending investigation and trial on their virtue and honor was an excellent twist. Cercei’s plan backfired on itself, and I can’t wait to see how she gets out of it…. after all, if it’s Dany who topples her, then she needs to survive this situation first, eh? Oh, and with the powers she had granted the religious order, I expect to see in Book 6 a new twist: a Holy War.

Brienne can’t be dead! No way! The last we read of her, she’s being hung from a tree but “…she shouts out a word.” What word does she shout out? I fervently hope it’s something that somehow gets her and Pod cut down from their hanging trees…. After all, what with part of one cheek chewed off an already unattractive face, the author will have excellent opportunity to explore more of her problems: will people shun her cos this freakishly big woman is now uglier than ever, or will this “battle scar” somehow turn people around to grudgingly accept her chosen path?

Arya blind? No worries, I bet it’s the start of her training as an assassin.

I didn’t get the reference to Arianne of Dorne’s betrothed having been victim of a pot of molten gold until I read the sneak peek of Book 5 at the end of the book, and was reminded that that was how Daenerys’ brother, Viserys, had met his end. And this totally floored me, that beneath the superficial loyalties pledged to the current “king”, there were Houses that were in reality deeply loyal to the true rulers of House Targaryen. It had somehow never occurred to me before. So then I wonder, apart from Dorne, who else will rally to Dany’s side once she does make it to Westeros?

Add to that what was revealed about the Maesters in the Citadel: that somehow they refuse to acknowledge the truth of Dany and the dragons’ existence, and therefore their mandate is perhaps not just to be counselors to the rulers? I imagine we’ll find out more about the inner workings of the Citadel in Book 6 when we follow Sam as he learns what is needed for the forging of his own Maester’s chain, as we will about the hidden few who are loyal & true to the Targaryen line…

And what about Jaime? This series may well be, in the end, a tale of his redemption. He starts out as an arrogant cad, but by the time A Feast for Crows comes to an end, he seems to actually be turning into an honorable person. I have a feeling that in the end, he will go willingly to face Queen Daenerys to be punished for his crime of being the Kingslayer. We’ll see….

Will it be in Book 5 or 6 where at least two emissaries from Westeros seek an audience with Dany? One to seek her hand in marriage on behalf of the Ironborn. One to act as counselor from the Citadel. The clash of Dany and the land of Westeros has to happen soon…

End of Spoiler Alert!
End of Spoiler Alert!
End of Spoiler Alert!

All I can do now is wait for Book 5, which is actually Book 4 Part 2. Crows only dealt with characters centered around King’s Landing. A big part of Dragons will of course be about Dany: that I’m not looking forward to that much. Her dilemma with her freed slaves and the cities that regressed back to slavery as soon as she left is getting irritating and boring, and that’s just from the one sneak peek chapter! I hope this part of the tale gets resolved fast. I’m more interested in the other characters: since there was no direct story about Tyrion in Book 4, this means the Imp is not there at King’s Landing: so where is he? And how goes Jon up north, juggling Stannis’ presence and the threat of the Others? More importantly, will we hear ANYTHING about Bran???


On a lighter, less agonising note: I'm amused by fans who name their kids after their fave characters (or maybe just their fave unusual names) in books / tv / movies, but I can't make fun of them too much, chances are I'm gonna try and do the same if ever I have kids.

From B5, for example: Delenn would be too obvious; Adira more subtle. From GRRM's series, I certainly like the sound of Arya. Funny how they are all girls' names, LOL!

But you know what, no matter what, I would NEVER do THIS to my kid! You can check out more of GRR's fans' stuff HERE.

Look, *I* have trouble fitting my full name into spaces provided when filling out forms and such, I would never subject my kid to the same problem. NYMERIA DAENERYS CERSEI SMIGRODZKI indeed!

Poor kid!


  1. I *still* remember your full name. That has taken up brain cells! Cells that could be used to remember to TURN OFF MY CAR before getting out of it and locking it....

  2. Having searched Amazon I've found that "A Dance With Dragons" is due for release in February 2007. So just a touch over a year to wait :o)

  3. Adira was a slave who, although freed, was eventually murdered, and her death caused Londo to act in the way the Shadows wanted... maybe not a good-luck sorta name, you know? :-O

  4. Elisette: okay okay I give you permission to blame me for that, LOL!!! Kinda funny to know that my full real name is probably seared into the brains of numerous zeta pledges between 1991 - 1995!

    Dawn: oh cool! I guess I didn't look hard enough; many thanx for the info, dearie!

    Omni: I liked the name Adira because it's unusual yet not completely alien and/or unpronouncable... but yeah, I probably wouldn't actually use it for my kids... I'd use nymeria cercei daenerys first teehee!


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