Sunday, December 18, 2005

The big three-oh!

No, not my age.... I just realised I have *t*h*i*r*t*y* draft articles in this blog's dashboard!

some funny, some serious.

some currently exist as just a link to an interesting article, sans write-up; some are just in need of a bit more tweaking before publishing.

Many fall in between.

Maybe I'll get through one or two today...

For the rest - well, I suppose you'll just have to drop by to see if I got them out yet or not, eh? *grin!*


  1. At least you have 30 draft articles,I don't even have one. :D

  2. LOL don't feel bad.. many of them have been in draft form for over a year, so I probably will end up deleting them cos they're "stale", y'know?


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