Thursday, December 08, 2005

I can breathe again!

Wow, I was knocked out of commission for quite a few days... hence the total blog/sms silence for the past few days....

It had actually already started last week, that thanksgiving weekend, where Kosh’s parents were nursing some sort of cold. Maybe we caught it from them? Once we got back to Urbana, I was feeling slightly under the weather, but Kosh was actually really sneezing, sniffing and having a high temperature. It got better, but still dragged on; in fact, he was still feeling like crap that day he went for that interview at Northwestern.

Me, on the other hand, felt like my immune system was putting up a relatively good fight, and not allowing the cold much foothold in my body. A slight fever (99.4F) was my only symptom. Then came the day after Kosh’s interview: woke up feeling like crap – as if my defenses had given up some ground to the cold. Ugh.

So THAT dragged on for a few days. We got back to Urbana on Sunday. Monday I woke up with a temperature of 100.6F. And felt SO crappy. Stuffed nose. Sinuses so painful that breathing felt like a knife was cutting thru them. Bloody snot. Ugh.

Really didn’t help that the weather has turned COLD cold (remember the unseasonably warm autumn weather I’d enjoyed earlier? Well, now we’re having 20F BELOW seasonal temperatures! Yikes!!)

I surrendered and took Tylenol, slept most of the days Monday & Tuesday, musta gone through a whole box of tissues already… Wednesday felt slightly better, but today, Thursday, I can confidently say the worst is over. I can breathe again!

Maybe I'll feel so much better that I'll be willing to battle the cold and snow (4 - 6 inches of snow expected between 10am and 12mn today!) to get to my extra hot bbq beef ribs tomorrow... yummmmm!!!


  1. Hey lynne,glad to know that you're ok now.Looking forward to your new posts.Take care..:D

  2. Glad to hear that you're better.
    Those nasty colds can be really...nasty. ;-))
    I sympathize with you weatherwise, getting colder here, "la bise" (cold eaterly winds) is predicted to blow til Tuesday. Brrr.


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