Saturday, December 10, 2005

It may just be the world's longest!

Okay.. please bear with me... read this long disjointed story, and see if you can find anything of significance about it... ready? go!
Star? Not I! Movie – it too has a star in or a cameo who wore mask – cast are livewires.

Soda-pop straws are sold, as part-encased a hot tin, I saw it in mad dog I met. Is dog rosy? Tie-dye booths in rocks.

All ewes lessen ill. I see sheep in Syria? He, not I, deep in Syria, has done. No one radio drew old one.

Many moths – I fondle his; no lemons are sold. Loot delis, yob, moths in a deli bundle his tin. Pins to net a ball I won – pins burst input. I loot to get a looter a spot paler. Arm a damsel – doom a dam. Not a base camera was in a frost, first on knees on top spot. Now a camera was a widened dam.

Ask: Cold, do we dye? No, hot – push tap, set on to hosepipe. Nuts in a pod liven.

A chasm regrets a motto of a fine veto of wars. Too bad – I all won. A sadist sent cadets – a war reign a hero derides. A bad loser, a seer, tossed a cradle – he begat to cosset – a minaret for Carole, Beryl, Nora. We’re not as poor to self.

I risk cold as main is tidal. As not one to delay burden, I don’t set it on “hot”. A foot made free pie race losses runnier. As draw won pull, eye won nose. Vile hero saw order it was in – even a moron saw it – no, witnessed it: Llama drops – ark riots. Evil P.M. in a sorer opus enacts all laws but worst arose. Grab a nosey llama – nil lesser good, same nicer omen.

In pins? No, it is open. If a top spins, dip in soot.

Madam, as I desire, dictates: Pull aside, damsels, I set a rag not for a state bastion. A test I won e.g. a contest I won.

oh I just could not put anyone through the whole thing.. deleted LOTS of lines.. HERE's the complete thing.. but go on and read the rest in this article first, k?

No, it is opposite. Yaks I rode wore hats, albeit on deity’s orders. Rats age more held in a trap, nip and I know it – set no cage now.

It’s eta; no, it’s a beta – Tsar of Tonga rates isles. Mad Ed is all upset at cider, is Ed? Is a madam too? Snip? I’d snip, spot a fine position, snip nine more cinemas.

Do ogres sell in a mall? Yes, on a barge so rats row tubs.

Wall last canes up or Eros, an imp, lives to irk, rasp or dam all tides sent. I won’t – I was no Roman – even I saw tired row – a sore. He lives on. “No!” we yell.

Up, now! Wards are in nurses’ sole care. I, peer, fed, am too fat? Oh, not I, test no dined ruby ale; dote not on salad it’s in – I am sad.

Locks I rifle so troops atone re war. Only rebel or a crofter animates so cottage beheld arcades, so trees are sold, abased. I redo, rehang, I err – a wasted act; nests I’d – as an owl – laid. A boot’s raw foot, even if a foot to master, germs (ah!) can evil do.

Pan is tune-pipe – so hot notes, paths up to honeydew.

Odd locks, a maddened (I was aware) macaw on top, spot no seen knots, rifts or fan, I saw. Are maces a baton, madam? Oodles, madam? Rare laptops are too late – got too lit up.

Nits rub – snip now, I’ll abate, not snip, nits I held.

Nubile Danish tomboys I led to old loser as no melons I held; no fish to my name. Nod lower, do I dare? No, one nods a hairy snipe. (Edit: one hairy snipe, eh?) See silliness, else we’ll ask cornish to obey deity’s or god’s item. I, God, damn it! I was in it! To Hades, acne trap, sad loser! As warts pop, a dosser I – we – vile rat, sack! Same row, oh woe! Macaroni, rats, as a hoot, tie. I vomit on rats.

Now go get yourself some lonely Tylenol or something for your headache! *grin!*

Feeling better?

I bet you zoned out and started hitting Page Down soon after the first few paragraphs, didn't you? No worries, I did the same!

Got any guesses on this significance I mentioned?

Hint #2: it's possibly the world's longest.


Hint #3: look at the start and the end...
Star? Not I! Movie...
...I vomit on rats

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that passage is possibly the world's longest palindrome!

Amazing, huh?
I wonder if this is the same person who played with all those anagrams...
Someone with waaaaaaaaay too much time on his/her hands!

... And to think that before this, the only palindrome I really knew was
Madam I'm Adam

tho by now I think I'm starting to remember that racecar is also a palindrome
r a c e c a r

I was surfing thru some palindrome sites and found a few short ones to add to my list of remembered phrases:
  • Go, dog!
  • lonely Tylenol (that was Hint #1, btw)
  • I prefer Pi
  • Sad, I'm Midas
Veya, you'll like this one:

Plenty more at palindromelist and palindrome connection. The latter has an amusing palindromic drama right at the bottom ofthe page, where every sentence uttered by the characters are palindromes.

Have fun!


  1. LOL!!! I was about to give up until I read the last part of your post. Went back and re read the whole thing,hehe. It was indeed a palindome,and a loong one at that!

    Hey here's another one I remember..."Llewd did I live,evil I did dwell". :D

  2. holey schmoley! wowee! this is mindblowing. i wonder about the time the creator took to come up with this. who why when ... fantastic though.


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