Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Getting it on!

We are working on the friggin paperwork that will eventually result in some tying of knots sometime next year. Yes, finally got Kosh to sit down and work through the requirements. I hate government bureaucratic red tape, but looks like he hates it too; go figure!

For a sanity break, I looked up something I haven't done in a while: Unconscious Mutterings' Word Association for Week 150
  1. Replenish:: thirst
  2. People:: power
  3. Trend:: fad
  4. Girlfriends:: (image of the recent Family Guy take on The View: the girls are pluck-pluck-pluuuccckk-ing like chickens (hens))
  5. Spirit:: of freedom
  6. Banshee:: scream
  7. Oasis:: water, rest, scorching sun & heat
  8. Thrills:: spills
  9. Fountain:: of youth
  10. Boxes:: of books
Nothing really exciting this time in my responses... maybe it's my braindeadness? There seemed to be a water & air theme this time: oasis / fountain... banshee, spirit... hmmmm...

Okay, my turn to compose my personal statement... whoohooo!


  1. Hi lynne,let me take this opportunity to greet you and your loved one a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.And an advanced congrats too....:D

  2. Hi there paul. sorry, still can't get used to calling u lynne he he
    Just wanted to congratulate u on your engagement.
    k, gotta get back to work now (me not being a bum right now and all...big sigh)
    ciao - nana

  3. As a person who works with a semi-ovt. orgaisation and had to go through several others for personal and work reasons, I know exactly how you feel. Its not red tape but the tidak apa attitude of the people which really p****s me off.

  4. This being the festive time of the year, I keep wondering how the hell does one not come up with Boxes : of chocolates! Books??

  5. snglguy: many thanx :-) have a great xmas & new year! I'll keep the advance congrats in mind... gonna be many many months before any knots get tied :p

    nana: good to get confirmation that you are one of my readers! heeheh! thanx for the wishes, beb!

    adam: true, true... attitude makes a big difference... i think my advantage is me & Kosh will be dealing with US Govt rather than Msian govt agencies, so hopefully things will be not too too bad..

    addicted: LMAO! I so totally never thought of chocs! That's a really interesting oversight! Do I actually place books above chocs? Ah, there is shope for me yet!! teehehehee!


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