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… the idiot box rules o.k. !

Am getting back in touch with some long-forgotten TV programs, as well as getting acquainted with other shows I never really got into before, plus discovering shows that probably never got to Malaysian TV. Yep, if I wanted to be glued to the idiot-box all day, I could! Here's just a small sample of my daily fare:

Re-run heaven:
Happy Days: The Fonz doesn’t look THAT sexy no more. Sooooo outdated! This was before my time even when eye was growing up!
Magnum P.I.: Talking about outdated - hilarious to see Tom Selleck in those shorts and curly-wurly hair!
Friends: so what if I have Season 1-9 on VCD? Always good to catch any episode! :-D Just wish I could catch Season 10!! No sign of those when I left KL L

Getting to know you again:
The Simpsons: an adult-oriented cartoon, featuring Bart the irreverent kid, and Homer the d’oh nucler plant operator. Famous for the phrases “Cowabunga, dude” “Eat my shorts” :-D
Everybody loves Raymond: so-so series, good to pass the time away while waiting for evening to fall :p
Seinfeld: A major hit when I was studying here, but I never bothered to get into it because it seemed to be enjoyed by the same people who loved MTV’s Beavis and Butthead. I can appreciate the humor a bit more now :p
Matlock: I must have caught this back in my college days… or was it actually on Malaysian TV? A very aged Andy Griffith stars as a lawyer who gets in deep with cases he defends. Simplistic, yet refined.

What’s new (to me):
Will & Grace: a so-so gay-related comedy
Joey: a very disappointing Friends spin-off
Family Guy: another adult cartoon, featuring a super-intelligent baby out for world dominance
Angel: Spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; right now he’s got a son and it’s in danger. Good stuff!
Enterprise: The latest incarnation of the Star Trek series. I had downloaded and watched mostly Season 2 episodes, tho I think what I’m catching on TV is now the 4th season.

Wish List:
Babylon 5: I think this is better than the Star Trek family of series. Got hooked during my Senior year in college here, then it was shown (short-lived) on Malaysian TV in 1995. Random videos found at Desa Pondan’s Speedy Video helped fill in some blanks. Would love to be able to watch the story in its entirety! L
South Park: used to get my fix of South Park thru my “supplier”, (wink@ “joe”) while over here I don’t get access to the Cartoon Network! Sob sob!!
Animaniacs: Ah yes, the Warner Brothers Wakko & Yakko, and the Warner Sister Dot. I liked their quirky sense of humor! Always felt this was more an adult-oriented cartoon too. It stopped playing on the air a loooong time ago... bummer!

Have a bone to pick about these ridiculous “reality tv” shows ... but that’s another blog all by itself! Tunggguuuuuuu!


  1. despite my moniker here, i hope to soon convince you that the story-arc that eventually developed in Deep Space 9 (the second sequel series in the Star Trek universe) really kicks ass compared to Babylon 5. as you well know, i could *easily* continue ranting about all the faults in Bab5, mostly focusing on the writing and selected acting... although i will concede that conceptually there is some inherent interest in the Bab5 stories.

    but DS9 awaits ... once we get to them on our netflix cue!!


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