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Airlines: hoot @ security

yes yes this is about a month old but i *have* to post this!! I had two surprises awaiting me upon my arrival in Newark - one humourous, one slightly disturbing...

First the disturbing one:
In a previous post, I had mentioned something about an 8hr layover in Newark airport the day I arrived in the U.S.... well I spent most of that time in the "public" area of the airport, just because I didnt want to enter the waiting area until I had to. Well, soon came the time I needed to get to the gate.
Walked over to the security scanning area...
and was promptly thankful that I always build in so much buffer in case I'm late for some reason! The line didnt seem to move: I mean, what's so difficult about putting your carry-on luggage on that belt thingy, and walking thru the arch thingy? Well, let's see.. how about expecting everyone to take off their shoes to be scanned??!! And I guess they were actually closely watching the x-ray screen: took forever for each person to get their stuff out the other end of the machine!
... i finally got through that without setting off any alarms, whoohhooo!! But that whole experience just left a sour taste in my mouth. ... and also was dealt with a reminder of how 9/11 had impacted the country, the airlines, and the people...

On a lighter note:
... as we touched-down at Newark airport, rolling across the runway, taxi-ing up to the terminal building... i looked out the window... and thought my eyes were deceiving me.... There among the Deltas and Continentals and whatever other airlines out there... was a HOOTERS? That's right, Hooters Air?!! Well I though I was mistaken, but once in the airport proper (once past that immigration officer) I did see a poster advertising HOOTERS AIR - I kid you not! Did snap a picture of it,

but found better proof online:

So for your next trip to the U.S., maybe you would like to check out this brand new airline? ;-) I bet the crew are as well-endowed as their land-bound counterparts...


  1. COOL! pls pass my resume to them with attached BUST..oooppss MUG shot if you have the time..;o)

  2. there's a Hooters here in Urbana: should I pass yr CV over to them too? tee hee!

  3. That's one way to cut down on (the traditional) inflight entertainment costs. *Malek*


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