Wednesday, February 18, 2009

this is gonna raise Kosh's eyebrows...

... but that's what he has to deal with, with a wife who is at heart Asian :)

My assignment this evening or tomorrow is to hunt for Mok Yee (black fungus) [my assignment immediately upon posting this is to check if there is a crock pot anymore in the apartment!]. You see, I was talking with Sunny (I *think* that's the pseudonym I assigned, a long time ago), catching up, and my father's health was discussed. She recommended Mok Yee to help clear the arteries for him. And since it's supposed to be good for reducing cholesterol in general, I might as well try it on myself, and if there's a (desired) effect, I might coax Kosh into giving it a try.

I know, I know, a Western medical practitioner, trying Eastern/Oriental herbal medicine? Blasphemy!! :p

Any folk who have tried it for themselves? On the 'net, I see just the same text being quoted over and over again, so that kinda detracts from credibility, IMO.

(posted 18 Feb 2009 9:45 pm Malaysian time)

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  1. *gasp*

    there's a fungus among us!!

  2. Have you found it?
    Was there also instructions for preparation?

    It's really easily obtained in supermarkets, the hypermarts. There are also other herbs supposedly good for cholesterol. Let me check wil MiL and wil show you when we meet up.


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