Sunday, February 22, 2009

Architect/Designer wanted!!

(I am just passing the word along: the organiser is a friend of mine)

We are looking for an architect to design our home and will be hosting a competition to select the architect. Would very much appreciate it if you could go through your rolodex/contacts list/facebook and think of any friends, acquaintances, relatives, friends-of-friends/relatives/acquaintances who know an architect or an architecture student (yes - its open to students too!) and pass this email along to them. Please feel free to check out our blog which has the details of this competition.
This blog has been created to document the competition, design and finally build of our home.

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  1. Since I am in the profession, I will pass this along!

  2. heyya kim, I was actually thinking of you, because I think you're the only architect I know! :) Do pass the word around, I think my friend's idea is really unusual, and would love to have played an indirect part in its success :)

  3. I got some architect friends and they might be interested.


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