Tuesday, February 24, 2009

another round of "lynne needs" ...

Okay so I'm going to be responding HERE to some of those memes going around Facebook! Here's one I (over-)did a while back (October 2005!), that I didn't mind revisiting :)

Vic, this is for you :)

What Lynne needs, according to google:

  1. Lynne needs two men to testify that she is indeed single
  2. Lynne needs to grab hold of her musical schizophrenia
  3. Lynne Needs More Attention Starting Now
  4. Lynne needs to put the smack down on daughter
  5. Lynne needs our prayers...
  6. Lynne needs tunnel vision for trial
  7. Lynne needs to be released from her computer and sewing closet so she could show her sewing talent to others
  8. Lynne Needs Your Votes
  9. Lynne needs to look into other less expensive alternatives
  10. Lynne needs to stop with the excuses, and not even talk about this subject to us fans
  11. Lynne needs to go on "The View" and talk about what a selfish little bitch Britney is
  12. Lynne needs an interpreter so I'm here to help


What was #7 over 3 years ago is now my #1... but but but I'm NOT single?! Well, depends who you ask... hmmmm... :p

Anyone interested? Play along! Consider yourself tagged :)

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