Friday, February 06, 2009

Fitness Friday: Jillian Michaels

Workouts this week have been different.

Kosh's sister introduced us to 30-day Shred, by Jillian Michaels. I don't watch The Biggest Loser, but it seems she's one of the trainers. Her workout combines arms and legs, and is a tightly-scheduled 3 sets of 3 mins strength, 2 mins cardio and 1 mins abs each, plus warm-up and cooldown.

It's not bad. And it's a pretty good workout for its 20+ mins.

Thing is, after hitting the gym for about an hour for so long, doing just this 20 feels like a cheat, so yesterday I hit the gym afterwards, doing 30 mins of my walk/jog, plus 3 sets of lat pulldowns.

I'll be doing Jillian and the gym today, too. Maybe I'll even try Level 2?! :D

Overall, though, I'm not "feeling" the burn (or, shred, i suppose, LoL!) as much as I would like. Have you tried the workouts by Cindy Crawford? THOSE leave my glutes a-quiver :D

How 'bout you? Is there an exercise video / fitness guru you like/use often?

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  1. I don't know any, but have been looking for some to try. Maybe I'll have to check yours out!

  2. Most recently has been Jillian Michaels.
    Prior to that was Cindy Crawford.
    With respect to "fitness gurus," we have also looked to Billy Blanks and Jane Fonda.

    They all have pluses & minuses ... Michaels is good for a short, high-intensity workout - but for adequate calorie expenditure you probably need to supplement it. It's hard to get bored with given the short run-time, but it is inadequate for cool-down stretching, and it feels like she over-works some muscle groups.

    Crawford is good and you really feel the burn, but it's a bit more of a time commitment to do the whole tape. Same for Fonda.

    Billy Blanks is just a bit too annoying to keep me motivated.

    Find something you like and will stick with, and identify what is lacking to make up on alternate days or with supplemental activities. (One of our biggest problems is we don't STICK with anything for long enough....) At least we finally came up with our own stretching routine and work-out plan - now we just need to keep kicking each other in the butt to keep it up.

    Good luck to you readers!

  3. I like Denise Austin. I have quite a number of her workout DVDs at home. (and some old VCDs of Jane Fonda too!)

  4. I like a half hour hard cardio of some kind (running, biking, jazzercise) and then Callanetics. Been doing that on and off for about fifteen years and nothing else I've tried has beat it but I need hard cardio with it.

    And a wimpy version of Arnold Schwarzenegger's workout from his autobiography, I think it's called "Education of a Bodybuilder."


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