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what I need... according to Google!

I found this on Incurable Insomniacs's site (
(sorry, couldn't find the article permalink: look for "75 Things Steph Needs..." Thursday, October 6, 2005 10:05 pm)

Here's how it works: Google "(Your name here) needs". Use quotes when you do this. Then list what you find.

It's really interesting to see what's out there!

Before I share what I got, here are some comments/remarks on the process:

- had to use "Lynne" cos any other of my names / permutations didn't get any results...
- "Lynne needs" got TWENTY-THREE pages of hits!
- I stopped copy & pasting at the 10th page... by that time, the exercise turned from amusing to tedious...

I think the reasons there were *so* many hits, apart from "Lynne" being a common name:
1. after coming across references to Lynne Spears, or Lynne and Britney... I suppose I learnt something new today - Britney has a sister named Lynne?
2. a surprising number of hits were about Jeff Lynne - the relatively unknown member of the Travelling Wilburys
3. there is/was a Lynne on Big Brother?
4. Lynne is also a boy's name :p

Okay, so here goes... what I need, according to Google!
(there are a few gems in there!)
  • Lynne needs to explain to Ted...
  • Lynne needs to know something TODAY...
  • Lynne needs to look into other less expensive alternatives...
  • Lynne needs to request that money...
  • Lynne needs an operation ...
  • Lynne needs a bunk mate
  • Lynne needs two men to testify that she is indeed single
  • Lynne needs date for senate trainings
  • What Lynne needs with our piddling review site I’ll never know
  • Lynne needs three helpers
  • Lynne needs to follow up with Matt
  • Lynne needs a description of each breakout session
  • Lynne needs language from Doug
  • Lynne needs his own blog
  • Lynne needs to go to Dodge City to attend a suffrage conference
  • Lynne Needs Our Help to Stay Alive
  • Lynne needs to grab hold of her musical schizophrenia
  • Lynne needs lots of sex!!
  • Lynne needs information for cost drivers
  • Lynne needs a good spanking
  • Lynne needs to hit rock bottom again in order to find inspiration
  • Lynne needs to check with Microsoft and get that changed
  • Lynne needs someone
  • Lynne needs to have a talk with Britney
  • Lynne needs to be submitted to President Mabry
  • Lynne needs to send Holly notes from the planning meeting
  • Lynne needs to study her Constitution
  • Lynne needs to get comments back
  • Lynne needs a couple of new entries for her book
  • Lynne needs to go -
  • Lynne needs to keep her eye on
  • Lynne needs to find out
  • Lynne needs Stratera next up Ratdog
  • Lynne needs proof.
  • Lynne needs people like you
  • Lynne needs Divine intervention
  • Lynne needs to reappear soon
  • Lynne needs assistance during her research
  • Lynne needs relief
  • Lynne needs calendars
  • Lynne needs to be given a chance
  • Lynne needs this for combining cool items
  • Lynne needs to hurry up and finish
  • Lynne needs to code
  • Lynne needs to know the truth
  • Lynne needs to know how many people will be attending
  • Lynne needs to stop with the excuses
  • Lynne needs to call NBC and pick up her check
  • Lynne needs to know those amounts
  • Lynne needs a box set
  • Lynne needs to shut up
  • Lynne needs to stay away from my man
  • Lynne needs to save his bacon
  • Lynne needs some cheering up
  • Lynne needs to milk
  • Lynne needs Irene‘s help to do this
  • Lynne needs the car
  • LYNNE" needs to put some weight on
  • Lynne needs to find alternate transport
  • Lynne needs a lesson.
  • Lynne needs to be kept away from hotel keys
  • Lynne needs a tent
  • Lynne needs a day or two at anchor to unwind,
  • Lynne needs to be reminded
  • Lynne needs to Vent
  • Lynne needs to be there
  • Lynne needs to hear the compliments she deserves
  • Lynne needs a date.
  • Lynne needs to re-read history (from 19th page)
  • Lynne Needs A bad boy (from last 23rd page)

(there were LOTS of duplicate hits for the "Lynne needs lots of sex!!" one... gee, i wonder why??)

btw, for the heck of it, I tried it out with my brother's name... and got only ONE hit, in broken english some more...:
- Does [bro's name] needs to get a sense of homour?


  1. Gibson already dead!!!! no lah, just the website, you can still see me here. :P

  2. I tried it with your brothers' name too but did not get any hits... :-P

    Your search - "[name]needs" - did not match any documents.


    - Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
    - Try different keywords.
    - Try more general keywords.


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