Thursday, October 06, 2005

Word Association (Week 139)

Example of Word Association:
from Saturday Night Live (transcript HERE)

...starts off pretty innocently... but degenerates fast... from dog : tree and black : white, it went to....
Interviewer: [ casually ] "Negro".
Mr. Wilson: "Whitey".
Interviewer: "Tarbaby".
Mr. Wilson: [ silent, sure he didn't hear what he thinks he heard ] What'd you say?
Interviewer: [ repeating ] "Tarbaby".
Mr. Wilson: "Ofay".
(gets worse and worse...)
Interviewer: [ aggressive ] "Spearchucker".
Mr. Wilson: "White trash!"
Interviewer: "Jungle Bunny!"
Mr. Wilson: [ upset ] "Honky!"
Interviewer: "Spade!
Mr. Wilson: [ really upset ] "Honky Honky!"
Interviewer: [ relentless ] "Nigger!"
Mr. Wilson: [ immediate ] "Dead honky!"

I only saw this skit earlier this year, but lemmie tell ya, the "DEAD HONKY" stayed in mind ever since... it is a hilarious skit! well played by Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor :-) Of course, in this day and age, I wonder if it would have been approved for broadcast....

...... And what brought this on, you ask?

Well, I found a link to a whole resouce of meme's if I'm ever out of blog ideas: The Memes List . (Tip o' the hat to: VirusHead ).

Liked the Unconscious Mutterings word association weekly meme, so will feature this week's one, and plan to "play" often :-)

I say ... and you think ...
  1. Quaint:: old house
  2. Rind:: lemon
  3. Disease:: AIDS
  4. Queer:: gay
  5. Pork:: oink oink
  6. Soaked:: dripping wet
  7. Skeleton:: bones
  8. Mold:: fungi
  9. Finished:: finito
  10. Buffalo:: roam

Miscellaneous thoughts that came to mind when giving my answers:
  • oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope playyyyy
  • I also got to wondering... MOLD vs MOULD ... without looking it up, I think I got it right, mold = moss/fungi while moUld is the shape/cast thing, right?
  • I was amused at "disease" and "queer" arranged one after the other... perhaps having watched Angels in America recently helped me with my responses :D


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